Triple crossed <3

This is a story about 1D and Louis, Niall and Harry have all fallen for Lauren. Things will never be the same.....


11. lies

In my dream... Harry wasn't in the dream. Niall was. We were walking on the sidewalk, holding hands. We walked next the beach, until we reached one of those picnic awnings... Harry was sitting on one of the benches, sobbing. "Why didn't you tell me Lauren? Why didn't you tell me you liked Niall?" He said still sobbing." I suddenly woke up. Panting, and sweating. "What's wrong Lauren??" Said Harry. "Just a bad dream." I whispered. "Well your fine now, go back to sleep."

TWO HOURS LATER; I got my phone out to text Niall, while Harry was asleep.

I need to tell Harry but I idk how :(

Want me to help tomorrow?

That might work I will Just promise you'll be safe

I promise

And then I slowly, fell back asleep. Not in Harry's arms, not in the bed, but on the couch with my phone in between the cushions. As I woke up Harry was beside me, with pancakes. "Here I made these for you." He said smiling. "Thanks Haz." I told him. But then I remembered... "Niall! He's getting out of the hospital today!" I exclaimed. "Haha yes, after breakfast we can go get him." He said. So I quickly ate my food, got dressed and got into the car. "I'm so glad he's fine, what with all that blood loss." Harry said. "I know, I felt so sad about losing him." I said. "Me too." We pulled into the hospital parking lot and walked inside. The nurse pointed to his room, although we already knew where it was. "Niall you can leave today!" I said. Harry disappeared to get the doctor. "I glad to get out of this misery place." He replied. Then the doctor came in and let Niall leave. He was free. We all group hugged and left the death hole. As we drove off Harry seemed a little uneasy. "Harry are you ok?" I asked him. "Lauren, Niall, I have to tell you guys something. But can we wait till we get to the house?" He asked. We both nodded. And we were in silence the rest of the car ride. When we finally reached his house Harry got out and prepared to tell us the news. "There has been a secret I have been keeping from you guys." He said slowly. "I am dating another girl." He said. DUH DUH DUH

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