Triple crossed <3

This is a story about 1D and Louis, Niall and Harry have all fallen for Lauren. Things will never be the same.....


9. Conversation

"Is Niall ok?" Louis said quickly. But then he saw me. "Lauren, thanks for the text about him. I was really worried." He said softly. "Your welcome. I'm glad he's ok too." I said just as softly as he did. But then he went up to Niall. "Hey buddy. How are you doing?" He asked. "I'm ok, just a little drowsy." He replied. "You could take a nap." Louis suggested. "Ok. Thanks Louis I'll just take a small nap." And then he started to fall asleep. And again. I was alone. But with Louis. "So. How is Harry?" Louis asked after a while. "Good, I guess, the same as always." I replied. I wonder why he's talking to me. "Is his eye ok?" He asked uneasy. "Ya he's better now. Just a small bruise left." And then he fell silent again. "Lauren I'm sorry what happened that day." He said almost as a whisper. "It's.. It's ok." Is all I could manage. "It's just that I never had a girlfriend before and I didn't want to get stood up for the 50th time." He said. "That many?" I wondered out loud. "Ya, I know, pathetic." He said. "It's not pathetic. I never had a boyfriend till Harry." I said quietly. "Really? That surprises me." He said. "It's true. Lots of people go through this you know." Trying to make him feel better. "I know. It's that that I hate losing people." Why does Louis have to put guilt on me? "I'm sorry. I feel the same way." I told him. "Then, maybe we could hang out sometime? As friends?" He asked. "Sure. I'd like that." I said starting to smile. For the first time in a while I felt happy. Then, Niall started to wake up. "How long was I out?" He asked. "Not long. Around a half an hour." I said. "Oh. Ok, did the doctor come?" He asked. "No, want me to get him?" Louis asked. "It might be a good idea." And then he left to go get the doctor. "Did you tell Harry yet?" He asked. "No, I haven't had time." I said. "I will soon." I reassured him. "Ok." And then the rude doctor came in. "So, Niall how are you doing?" He asked. He didn't seem like he wanted to be there. "I'm ok. I feel better." Niall said. "Good. We should keep you for one more day for observation, tomorrow you'll be free to go." We all got happy. I didn't notice that Harry was next to me. I jumped a little. "Well we should be leaving, it's 10:00 pm, lets go Lauren." Harry said. "Ok I'll meet you outside." Haz left and Louis came over for a hug. I accepted. We are only friends. "Bye." We both said. But I could tell Louis was upset. I went over to Niall. "I'll see you tomorrow I guess." I said. "Ok. I love you." Niall said. It took me a second but I said, "I love you too." And I meant it. I hugged him and went outside to Harry. "Shall we go back to my house?" He asked. "We shall." And we went into the car for the ride back.

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