Triple crossed <3

This is a story about 1D and Louis, Niall and Harry have all fallen for Lauren. Things will never be the same.....


2. Chapter 2; my new friends

The teacher assigned me with my partner. He said his name was Louis Tomlinson. Harry and Niall knew who he was. "Hi Lauren I guess I'm your partner." Said Louis. I looked over and Harry and Niall were paired together and they kept looking over. I blushed. "For your project you will have to make a poster about the periodic table." Said the teacher. "Hey for our project maybe we could make a song with it." Said louis. "Ok that will be fun." On our project paper we wrote lyrics. But at the end of class Louis wrote something down. "Could you take it home? I have too much stuff." He said. "Sure." Then the bell rang and I had to go to ANOTHER boring class. Math. Oh god. I hated math. Oh well. Niall and Harry quickly came over to walk to class with me. I wonder why their so clingy. I looked on the paper where Louis wrote and it was his number. I quickly hid the paper from Niall and Harry. Which were talking quietly in the back of the room. Again, we sat together. While the teacher was talking Harry handed me a piece of paper. 'What's up?' Nothing Are you sure? Yes. why? You seem down Well Louis gave me his number. Then Harry stopped writing and his eyes bulged out. He didn't reply on our piece of paper. The rest of the math class I actually had to pay attention. I looked at Niall who was really good at math. He was looking back at me, he mouthed 'you ok?' Why do they keep asking this?? I mouthed back 'yes I'm fine' After one more period, Language arts, we finally have lunch.

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