Zara Marcelline Smith was only 10 years old when she saw her parents murdered in cold blood.
She knows she is special, different than the other kids. Her parents died hiding her.
She is out for revenge or retribution either way people are going to die.
Zara grows up fast in order to avenge her parents but life gets in the way. Here is her story.
A story about finding love and embracing who you are with adventure and horror along the way


2. The Work

The work mobile jerkily jumps to the edge of the table as it vibrates a call. I can feel lines on my forehead as I scowl down at my phone upon seeing the number. I let it ring. I'm done with that part of my life.

I roll over trying to stop the tidal wave of memories from taking me over


/ The man strips me of my measly excuse of a cover and shoves me to the floor, "Wake up you ungrateful bitch! You know the routine 1000 push ups, I want you on that track before the sun starts rising or you won't be eating today. / 


My phone lights up with a new message

from: The Master

to: Zara

You have a job.

Steven Bradshaw, a pedophile likes little sluts. 

Get in there and Kill him. He has gotten too big for his boots

He is a problem.

Further  instructions from Ben. You will be paid. Do not disappoint me.

<messagereceived 0630>


Dressed like this I look young. The perfect target for people Steven. As I approach my target, the lesson come back

Assess the prey, Blend in and wait. 

Get them feeling safe and strike.

I stumble composing my face appropriately. I'm poor Emily, lost wandered away from my friends, because I tried to rebel from my parents, turns out I'm not as old as I like to think I am. 

Let the hunt begin...

"Hey kid you lost?" he asks with concern

"Ye- yes   I th- think so" I stutter playing the part perfectly. tears start running down my cheeks " I was with my friends and these boys stopped and talked to me by the time I finished they were gone" breaking down into full hearted sobs

"Hey don't cry sweetheart my name's Steven and this here is my friend Dan" he indicates to the bodyguard. "Hey come inside a little and we can call your parents yeah?" He says whilst ushering me into the club

"No won't it be a problem, I would call them see but I lost my phone and my mom thinks I'm at Carly's" I say trying to look young and hopeful and clueless. I have baited him, He thinks I'm stupid better yet no one will miss me for a long while. Perfect. The perfect student to the master's teachings.


"Wh what are you doing!" I cry "Get away from me" I scream.

No one can hear you, you bitch" Steven says whilst shoving me into the bed and climbing in after me and trying to open my jeans. "No no no" I sob "Please please don't do this" He shoves my jeans away clawing at my panties. 

Hyperventilating now, I can only sob. He crawls up my body zipping down his own jeans, He spreads my thighs wide open...


 A quick movement to my knife strapped to me back. I slit his throat leaving him a bloody smile. The bastard. I shove him off of me. Putting on my jeans as he drowns in his own blood.

To: The Master

From: Zara

Job done.

Method: slit throat

<messagesent 0134>




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