The girl with the shadows

This is the tale of a twisted girl who steadily became a monster


1. Prologue

The girl stood in the middle of the dark alleyway with the shadows slowly caressing her body. But she did not mind. As this was where she felt at home, the strongest, when the shadows would slither and intwine their way around her limbs and weave themselves into her hair. She smiled. The darkness was an old friend to her, the one that comforted her and watched over her misfortunes. Bringing pain and misery to anyone to cause her distress. The girl knew this but did not care. The innocent people had been strangled and driven into madness by the shadows, lurking around every corner waiting, making them paranoid. The girl felt no remorse for the shadows victims, she only felt a dark, stirring pleasure listening to them scream. Her lank ebony hair clung to her face, which was covered with a sheen of sweat, her bright green eyes matched the same poisonous look of a snake about to strike. The shadows slid down her back making her shiver with pleasure as their unnatural chill filled her body. The shadows whispered horrible, gruesome things to her, but this didn't effect the girl, she just laughed, a hoarse, cackling sound that rasped from deep within her throat. At this moment some poor soul turned into the alleyway where the girl stood, playing with her shadows. The shadows twitched sensing their presence and cut into the girls skin. She frowned at them with a glimmer of annoyance then realised what had happenend. She grinned and slowly raised her arm and flicked her wrist, sending the tendrils flying. They sliced deeply into the persons throat and they fell to the ground with the shadows attached to the neck, soaking up all the blood that gushed out in a steady stream. The girl chuckled throatily and strolled towards the body. Taunting the dead. The shadows seemed to react to her delight and swirled to her, encasing her in a throbbing mass of shadow.
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