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This is on English, since I like writing on English, but I probably will translate it to Danish, if you want n_n
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6. Your wedding..

Your wedding:

(requested by: Misskyris101)



As Harry stands up, you can feel how you shiver, you cant. You are horrible at dancing, he knew that, and know he is trying to teach you to dance... At your wedding, you stand up and slowly walk towards him, he takes a grip around your waist and takes your first hand on his shoulder, then he lets his other hand slowly fall down on the other side of your waist, you felt kind of akward when he began swaying from side to side, you let your free hand wander up and rest on his chest. You tried to dance but it was awful, you kept stepping on Harrys feet, saying sorry everytime, you were sure that you would leave some bruises. Harry suddently lifted you up so you stood on his feet, and continued to dance "Harry, they can see we are cheating" You wispered, he grinned and kissed your cheek "They cant see it, your dress is covering" He said. Later that night, you two looked so elegant "Dancing" everybody clapped, even though Harry did all the hard work



You blushed, you didn't really want to, it was so embarassing, but you did it, you lifted your dress so Niall could crawl under your dress and take the garter, he kissed your leg all the way up, making you blush. The boys whistled and laughed of the blushing bride, you giggled a bit when he took your garter with his teeth, it tickled. When he came out from under your dress, he showed you the garter, you smiled an laughed when he through it over to Liam who blushed quite a lot, you stood up and gave him a hug "Do you have any idea how mutch that tickled Niall?" He smiled and kissed you on the cheek "Nope, but i can see it on your face, red as a tomato" you covered your face, you didn't know it was that bad, Niall laughed and kissed you "Hey princess, lemme see your gorgeous face, I dont care, red or not" you smiled, only making it worse with Nialls sweet compliments you removed your hand and kissed him on his cheek making the guests go wild.



You couldn't stop smiling as Zayn finally stood up, and smiled out to all of the guests. And finally, he began to talk "I want to thank Y/N for being my wonderfull bride, and accepting my love to her, she is a special, loving and caring person, she isn't perfect, but nobody is..." You could hear Zayn couldn't talk anymore, witch caused alot of gossip around the guests, you stood up and hugged Zayn, and then the gossip stopped, you smiled and closed you eyes "It doesn't matter if they dont know it all, atleast i know, besides we have all night for you to tell me, right?" You whispered and began to rub the top of his back, he smiled and nodded, giving you a kiss, witch all the guests aww'd over, making you blush, Zayn grinned and turned you arund to the guests, but holding you securely around the waist "Another reason why I love Y/N" you laughed a bit and kissed Zayn on the cheek before you sat down, holding hands through the rest of your familys speeches.



You and Liam were happily packing you presents out, to find some cute, some funny and embarrassing, you stiffened when Liam found  your present, you bit your lip and looked nervously at Liam, not knowing what he would say, you looked down at your ring, nervous about you would loose it as soon as he opened that gift. He opened the gift, you could hear the paper crackle and then a gasp, the guests began to mutter, and you looked up at Liam with your positive pregnancy test in his hand, he smiled and hugged you "Is this true? Am I really going to be a daddy?!" He said causing you to laugh "Yeah Li, Im pregnant" he worried about you the rest of the evening, if you got enough food, cheking every second minute, but that was Liam, he is the loving, protecting and caring guy, one of the many reasons you married him. The rest of the evening was about the baby and its name, if it was a boy or a girl, all the questions Daddy Direction proudly answered, holding around you and rubbing your tummy.



It was too mutch, they hated you, they dont like you, they are constantly staring, and you hate that, as you burst into tears, you run ouside on the balcony, trying to get some fresh air, you can hear the laughing and talking from the guests, but suddently everything gets quiet, and then you hear his voice "Where is Y/N?!" he cries, you bite yuor lip, not sure if you want to go inside again, but you didn't have to, because two strong arms wrapped around you, and you could feel something wet on your shoulder, you turned around, seeing Louis looking like a lost puppy... Crying. "Lou! Im sorry, dont cry!" You say wiping his tears away with your thumbs "Why didn't you tell me you were out here?" He whispered, you pulled him into a hug so you wouldnt cry "I felt... Weird inside there" You said, Louis took his arms slowly around your waist and began to sway from side to side. Soon you two were dancing the night out, on the balcony with the moon shining down on you, and the guests looking at the happy couple.


-Hope you like it!

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