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This is on English, since I like writing on English, but I probably will translate it to Danish, if you want n_n
If you want me to do a preference that hasn't been done before, write it in the commentbox and I will try my best ;)


3. Your sick...

Your sick:


You've been really sick the past week with the stomach flu, you barely moved from the toilet, even though Harry wants you to feel good he told you that he'd do anything for you, but you try not to ask for mutch, beacause your not that kind of person, "Y/N seriously, dont you need anything?" He asks as you get up from the floor. "Painkillers? Blankets?.." you dont want anything, just Harry, and his warm hugs, you let a little sigh slip through and whisper "Mind cuddling with me, Hazz?" he smiles and before you know it, you two were laying all huddled up i blankets and pillows together, with Harrys arms locked secure around you.



You actually were sick before Niall went to work, but told him you were fine. But you weren't, you had a high fever and you bearely could'nt eat anything without it coming up again, as Niall comes home, he finds his princess on the kitchen floor "Y/N What the hell are you doing?!" He says, you can hear the fear in his voice. "Niall, the floor is just nice and cold..." Niall sighed and picked you up in his arms and putting you down gently in the couch, running a hand over your fever-burning forehad. "Next time princess, tell me, you know im here to help you. mkay?" You nodded, and fell asleep.



You hate winter, you get sick so damn easy, so you stayed home, with a headache, a runny stuffy nose. Zayn was around you the whole time, you mumbled a bit about how annoying it was that Harry HAD to take your scarf while zapping through the tv channels, looking for something to watch. Zayn cuddled up to you and kissed you on the cheek "Zayn, go away! I look like crap, and I dont want you to get sick too" he didnt listen, but just put loads of blankets around you and smiled "Sorry Y/N but it seems like Im going to take care of you" you smiled a bit "No kisses on the mouth the next week" He pouted out his lip "Well, then I have to go with the cheeks" He said kissing your cheek again, causing you to laugh a bit.



"Li!" You said, the horrible pain was back again, besides your stuffy nose, this was the worst, Liam was at your side at once. "Yeah babe? Need anything.... Like medicin?" You mumled "Li.. You know how gross it tastes" he smiled and stroaked your cheek "Babe, if you dont take the medicin you wont get better..." You looked up at Liam, you didn't want to talk about all this again, but soon enough the headache was back again "Li, Li.. Fine.. I'll take it" you coughed and he gave you the medicin, you didn't like the smell at all, but you took it "Yuck.." you mumbled, Liam smiled and kissed you on the cheek. "Thanks babe, you'll get better soon, if you ju-" You cut him off "Aweh shut up Li.." he grinned, knowing he was right but you didnt want to tell him.


He had been gone for like what seems forever, you just told him to get the medicin from the recept you had gotten from the doctor, you couldnt even move, you felt that bad if you didn't get your pills, and this time it was really bad because you also had the flu, meaning you couldn't eat anything whithout seeing it again. Louis had to carry you everywhere, whitch he didn't see any problem in,  finally he came back, with a giant bag, first he gave you your pills, and then the curiosity hit you "Lou... Whats in the bag?" You asked, he smiled and blushed shyly pulling up a "Get better soon" teddybear you smiled, finally as you felt the pills were working you sat up and hugged him "Get better soon" He whispered.


-Hope you liked it n_n did this for a freind of mine :3

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