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This is on English, since I like writing on English, but I probably will translate it to Danish, if you want n_n
If you want me to do a preference that hasn't been done before, write it in the commentbox and I will try my best ;)


5. Your on your honeymoon..


Your on your honeymoon:

(requested by TheFoRealsMrs.Malik)



Your honeymoon is very romantic, Harry takes you to Hawaii and you two share a little hut together, he decorated it with small colourfull flowers making it into Y/N Styles. You couldn't help but smile, Harry had really put effort into this, the hut was small but comfortable, you cuddled up side by side, Harrys arms around you, your fingers playing with his lovely brown curles. You love being close and just cant keep your eyes off each other the rest of the night, meaning you use the whole day on sleeping, witch both of you dont see any problem in.



Niall decided to take you to Paris, that little prince charming had been making you walk all over paris (Or atleast you felt like that) when your feet gave up and your legs were tired, Niall picked you up, bridal style, and carried you trough the town, you were slightly embarrassed, everyone was looking, but Niall just wanted everyone to know that your HIS princess, and he wont share, As you got home, you both fell asleep cuddling up to each other, before you fell asleep, Niall kissed you ever so lightly on the lips, thinking you were asleep, and then he whispered cute (And akward) memories you two had.



Zayn decided to take you to New York, you had allmost forgotten it was your honeymoon because you did so mutch, you were more tourists than you were newlyweds, but then everything took a change, you and Zayn had to hurry to the airport, and before you knew it you were in Rome, and then you were newlyweds, Zayn had borrowed a house from a freind of his, and now you two were all snuggled up closely watching the sunset. You decided to tease him by asking "Where are we going tomorrow?" Zayn just gave you a smile and kissed your forehead "Paris" You nearly fainted, but used allmost the whole night to find out if it really was true.


You and Liam decided to take it easy, Liam got a little comfy cottage a bit away from town, everything was nice and peaceful. You both snuggled under a giant tree, but you got a bit to comfy and fell asleep in Liams arms, he took you up in his protective arms and carried you inside, Liam was rubbing your back gently as you woke up, you were sad that you had fallen asleep, and began to run your fingers through Liams short hair, telling hin how sorry you were. And then it managed him to fall asleep. Luckily you fell asleep too and didn't think over Liams computer with a twitcam running so all the fans could see you sleeping snuggled into each other perfectly.



Louis had rented a boat, as everybody knows, Louis has allways wanted a boat, and now he got the moment, Louis spent alot of time decorating, putting candles everywhere, and making it comfy, you two were curled up together under some blankets at the back of the boat. You watched the sky turn to a darker blue and the stars come, you managed to fall asleep, even though you didn't want to, Louis picked you up, and carried you to bed, himself falling asleep curled up next to the love of his life.  



-Hope you liked it, sorry if I spelled anything wrong, i wrote this at 1:00 am... So im kinda tired, But ill fix the spelling later, hope you understand <3 Thanks for bieng patient, im so slow XDD



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