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This is on English, since I like writing on English, but I probably will translate it to Danish, if you want n_n
If you want me to do a preference that hasn't been done before, write it in the commentbox and I will try my best ;)


9. Your childs first Christmas..

Your childs first Christmas:


(Sorry May May*2 I couldn't make the first date, so I made a first Christmas, I hope its ok )



"Darcy you ready for your big present?" You said, sitting with your 1 year old daughter on your lap. Harry carried the big wrapped gift over to you two, you could fit in the present thats how big it was "Pwesent!" Darcy screamed exited, she had finally gotten the hang of it, and you helped her tear the paper open, and then you and Harry sat back as your daughter ripped and played around with the paper, until she got into the gift. A giant dollhouse that she easily could fit in if she wanted to, with dolls and furniture, you and Harry spent the rest of the evening packing the stuff out... And cleaning up.



You woke up as your 3 year old Alex was jumping on the bed "Mum, Dad its Christmas!" And most of all, it was your nearly 1 year old daughter, Sophie's first chrismas, you and Niall got up and you helped Sophie out of her crib, you carried her down to the Chrismas tree where Alex was waiting very politely. "Whats wrong Al, open your presents" Niall said,  you put Sophie down so she could crawl over to Alex. "No, Sophie opens the first present, its her first Chrismas" You smiled as Alex found a present for her, and helped her open it, you gave Alex a bit extra candy for being sutch a nice bigbrother.



"Laila, Moxie lets go" you said, sitting down in the couch with a cup of tea in your hand. the 9 month old twins were having their first Christmas, Zayn gave them, one by one their presents, and you helped them open them, they loved throwing around with the paper, and you knew that would be tough to clean up again, "These are from uncle Niall, Harry, Liam and Louis!" You said packing the gifts up, finding some cute clothes and toys, you smiled and found your camera and took a picture of your little family.



Liam and you had never really explained to Jake what christmas was, suddently there was a tree, ornaments and a load of gifts. "mum!" he squealed picking a gift, and putting it carefully down again "Mary Christmas Jake" You and Liam said "Jake, Santa has brought you gifts" Jake looked at Liam with a confused look, Liam picked him up and found a tree ornament of Santa "Santa" Liam said a couple of times "Santi" Jake squealed and clapped. As for the presents, Jake liked to play with the paper more than the gift itself...



"I want!" your 1 year old daughter, Elina cried, reaching out for the next box "Hey.." Louis said, smiling "Pwease!" Elina looked up at Louis with puppy eyes, and was smiling widely when she got another present , Louis whispered in her ear "Mommy" she gave the box to you, you sighed a bit, this must be the 100'th gift youv'e unwrapped, you open it a bit and find out its a gift for you, you smile and put the long wanted necklace on, Louis hugged you both "I love spoiling both of my girls... Now, how do we get out of this toy fort?" You laghed, Elina and you helped each other to find places where all the new toys could go.





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