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This is on English, since I like writing on English, but I probably will translate it to Danish, if you want n_n
If you want me to do a preference that hasn't been done before, write it in the commentbox and I will try my best ;)


8. You meet for the first time..

You meet for the first time:


(Requested by: Nialler<3109)



You decided to walk home instead of a taxa, but that wasn't your best idea. Soon enough it began to rain, and you were about to drown in all of your soggy clothes. Suddently the rain stops around you and a tall guy with brown curles is sharing his umbrella with you "Thanks" you stutter, "Your welcome" a warm voice says. When you least expect it a car rushes by and you get covered in water, the guy thakes his coat of and gives you it on, you can see he is hiding a huge gorgeous smile "Do you think its funny?" you say, he begins to laugh, a warm and wonderful laugh, you cant help but push him a bit, witch causes him to fall, and get all soaked in a puddle, you help him up and then you fall in love with his green eyes "H-Harry" He smiles "Y/N" you say, blushing. Soon enough you two are home at Harry's in front of his firepit.



Your a waitress at a café, and your eyes fall at when a group of boys are teasing a blonde boy, who gets eye contact with you and you both blush, one of the boys in the group call you over. You slowly walk over to them and the blonde boy starts stuttering out what he wants, but you cant understand what he is saying. "Im sorry what?" You say, the boys laugh at him and he bursts into tears, suprisingly, you wrap your arms around him. And then he whispers "I-I would like to know what this pretty lady's name is" You cant stop smiling at him "Y/N and you?" The blue eyed guy smiled widely "Niall.. Niall Horan" you couldn't stand that cute Irish accent of his, the other guys sat back with big eyes as you two walked out of the café hand in hand.



You have just moved here and you dont know anybody, but you don't really mind. Right now you just need to get your boxes inside before it begins to rain, you take a heavy box, and find out that you couldn't carry it, so now everything is laying everywhere, suddently a dark haired guy helps you put the things back in your box "Thanks" you mumle, the brown eyed guy just smiles at you "The name's Zayn and you?" he says and takes the box "Y/N" you say slowly "Witch floor... Y/N" you bite your lip a bit "Floor 5, room 271"  Zayn nods and helps you with the rest of the boxes, as you have the last box to take up you offer him a cup of tea for his kindness, but it all ends up in your sofa with Zayns lips kindly meeting yours, now you atleast know a good kisser.



You two actually meet at a wedding. You couldn't help but notice this brown haired guy look at you constantly, so you decided to meet him. "Hi im Y/N" You say with a shy smile on your face "Hi... Im Liam, sorry if you caught me looking at you..." He says pretty embarassed.You smile a bit, you can see his rosy cheeks "Oh.. I didn't notice" you say, trying to be nice "Yeah, I know you did, but I couldn't stop looking at your beauty" he said looking at you with those dreamy brown eyes "Well... Thank you, I dont get compliments that often..." You say, flattered, getting rosy cheeks yourself. "Well I don't know why you wouldn't. I think you are goregeous" He says, blushing a bit more yourself, you smiled at him, you two ended up talking the whole night and him giving you his number.



Youve just been grocery shopping and you just want to go home... Fast, but you are walking a bit too fast. Suddently you bang into a striped wall, and you drop all of your stuff, you sigh and begin to put everything in your bags "Im sorry" a voice says, the striped wall was actually a guy! and he begins to help you pick up your stuff. You two begin to talk together while picking up your stuff, "Im Louis" he says as you get finished "Y/N" you say with a smile "Y/N... What a pretty name for a pretty girl" making you blush. Louis offers you to take some of your bags out to your car, and that leads to you take him home too... 

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