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14. You have a fight, but make up..

You have a fight but make up

(requested by: Niall's-Princess21)



You two were at home, Harry watching tv and you cleaning up, as you were vaccuming you reached over to Harry "Harry hun, could you move your feet for a while?" You asked, no response, you sighed a bit "Hazz.. Please move your feet" You asked again, but still no response, you took the remote, and turned the tv off "What the hell Y/N?! That was an important game!!" Harry yelled, you got a bit frightened but you were brave enough to answer back "Well, you could have listened to me, and I wouldn't have turned the tv off! Besides you never do ANYTHING but watch tv Harry! What about me?! Your girlfriend" You know you went a bit to far, but you couldn't handle it anymore, Harry stood up and looked madly at you "Are you breaking up with me then?.. Fine! I dont care!" you stiffend... He didn't care... Didn't care... Tears welled up in your eyes and then you dashed up to your shared bedroom and began packing, you couldn't see anything the tears were blocking up, you wiped them angryly away and took your bag and dashed downstairs, but Harry was at the door "Y/N Im sorry.." You looked madly at Harry "Im going to Zayn's tonight.. But dont expect me to come back... Ever!" Harrys eyes began to water up, and then he was on his knees "Y/N.. I need you.. More than ever... Dont leave me..." He throbbed, you continued to just stand there, coldly, even though you wanted to hug him "I'm broken, do you hear me? I'm blinded, cus' you are everything I see"  Harry began to sing through all the sobbing. You fell down to him, you gave up."I'm sorry Harry" You whispered "I'm sorry too Y/N"



You had been having a rough day at work and you really didn’t want to deal with anyone. You couldn’t wait to go home to see your boyfriend who would comfort you. But you were wrong. The boys were over... You tried to put on a smile for them as you walked inside, you really just wanted them to leave, now. “Hey (Y/N)! Come sit with us and have some pizza”, Liam said kindly and patted the seat inbetween him and  Niall. “Here’s a piece princess”, Niall said as he handed you a plate of pizza. “Thanks”, you said tiredly. As you ate you sat quietly and listened to the boys talk amongst themselves. As you sat there you noticed that Niall kept chewing with his mouth open and it started to get on your nerves. “Niall can you chew with your mouth closed please?..”, you said a bit annoyed. He ignored you and continued chewing with his mouth open. You couldn’t take it anymore and stood up clearly more annoyed than the first time. “For god sakes Niall don’t you know how to chew with your mouth closed?!” The boys stopped talking, and looked at you two “You don’t need to yell (Y/N) you’re so annoying when you do that!”, Niall yelled back. “I’m the annoying one?! You’re the one who clearly doesn’t know how to chew with their mouth closed like they were damn 5 year old!”, you shot back coldly. “Go upstairs and stop being such a bitch”, he spit back. You stiffened, realising what you both had done, mostly because of your bad day, tears welled up and you ran to your room, You had completely forgot that the boys were there until you heard them whispering things chose to ignore it. After being upstairs for a few hours Niall came in, "Babe, I'm sorry.. For calling you a-" You cut him off by giving him a tight hug "Niall, I'm so sorry for letting it out on you" you both stood there in silence, until Niall kissed your forehead "Hey.. Its okay, the boys are gone, care to tell me about your bad day?" And there he was, your comforting boyfriend.



You both got into a fight over his busy schedule. He didn't seem very bothered by the fact that you guys hadn't been seeing very much of each other lately. It was a stupid, unnecessary fight, but it happened and you're still mad at Zayn, the only thing running through your head was Zayn's words "Well then Y/N then piss off! I dont care!" . You wouldn't come out of the bedroom for hours, sobbing, you knew it wasn't true Zayn had just been drinking again. Finally, you decide to leave him, So you called Louis asking to stay as his flat for the night, you go out to the living room. He's there holding shopping bags from your favorite store and a piece of cake. "When did you go out?" you ask, biting your lip. You hadn't even heard the door open. "A little while ago," Zayn admits. "I felt really bad about our fight so I wanted to get you something special. But then I saw all this stuff..." He starts to take dresses and sweaters and scarves and everything else out of the bags. Then he hands you the cake "Your favorite." "You can't buy your forgiveness, Zayn," you tell him. "I know that. But I knew this stuff would cheer you up. You might still be mad at me, but I saw your smile when I held the cake. And your smile is what gets me through the day. So it's a start." He reached into one of the bags again. "Oh there's one more gift." He handed you a small slip of paper. On it, in his handwriting, were the words I love you. You look at Zayn. He smiles and tells you, "It's true. I love you, Y/N, and I never want to fight again." "I love you too, Zayn," you say, hugging him tightly. That one piece of paper meant more to you than all the clothes Zayn bought for you...even more than the cake.



You and Liam rarely fight, but when you do it's something really serious.

"No Liam! Not there!" You told him. You two were moving together, so you had brought your stuff to his flat. He sighed and put the painting down in the hall "Where do you want it then Y/N" he said with a annoyed tone, you looked around, and you found a spot and you pointed towards it"There" You smiled at Liam "You know what Y/N, my back is kind of soar, you can do it yourself... I will be in the livingroom" You stood there for a moment, and then you sighed, took the painting and tried to put it up, but it was about to fall down every single time "Li, can you help me" You said, looking over at him, he was glued to the sofa, staring at the tv. "Sure, in a minute" You sighed "No Li, Now" he groaned and stood up, still looking at the tv "Why?!" He yelled, you were a bit startled at first. You let go of the painting so it fell to the ground "Because Liam, I want to move in with you, but with your additude, Im not even sure anymore!" You felt the tears running down your cheeks, Liam turned around, and as soon he saw your tears he went from mad to worried "Y/N Im so sorry!" You just shook your head and walked to the door "Im going Liam..." You opened the door, but then you felt two arms wrapped around you "Dont leave... Please.." You turned around and looked at Liam "Li, You dont even care..." Liam bit his lip a bit "I do care Y/N.. I just couldn't take my eyes off the screen, Im so stupid" You shook you head "Your not stupid Li.." You said, before you kissed him. The rest of the day Liam helped you.



"Louis! What the hell!" You screamed as you just came home from the doctors, you really didn't know what was on Louis mind, with all his pranks, it's becoming dangerous to live on Louis flat! It was starting to drive you crazy, today he thougt it would be funny to make you slip in syrup, whitch resulted in you hitting your head into the wall "Shit, Y/N Im sorry, I didn't think it was going to be that dangerous" He said fighting to get you up "You know what Louis, Im tired of it, one day I'll probably die!" Louis stiffend, and looked like a puppy "Dont leave Y/N" You sighed "Louis... Im pregnant, the baby could of died from that" You said his jaw dropped, and then you answered his question: "Im not leaving Louis, not yet, Im telling Niall to pick me up" You heard him sniffle, you just pushed him coldly away and ran up to your room, and fell onto your bed, crying until you fell asleep, as you woke up you couldnt feel the stickyness from the sirup, infact you were wearing Louis shirt, and then you felt his arm tighten around you, and his hand rubbing your stomach soothingly "Please... Baby in there... Dont, Dont die... I didn't know... Oh gosh... Please" You felt a tear slip your eye, and you faced Louis "Im sorry Louis" Louis shaked his head and planted a kiss on your forehead "Y/N... Im sorry, We need to get you to a doctor ASAP.." You smiled through the happy tears "Daddy Tomlinson"


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