1D preferences

This is on English, since I like writing on English, but I probably will translate it to Danish, if you want n_n
If you want me to do a preference that hasn't been done before, write it in the commentbox and I will try my best ;)


12. How you kiss..


How he kisses you..



Since you aren't the tallest person in the world, Harry likes to bend down in your height and kiss you, or make you beg for a kiss, by making you stand on your tip toes and try to kiss him.


Niall likes to hide you away, since he likes to be alone with you, and your kisses, he doesn't really like lots of people staring at you two, he isn't good at sharing his food... Or you, witch is pretty darn cute ;P


Zayn usually sits you down on something, so he knows where he has you, always placing his hands og your hips, just making sure you wont run away.


You two like sitting on the floor and kiss, it doesn't mean you dont stand up and kiss, you just like the both of you to have the same height.



As Louis is, he always wants something to happen, he almost can't sit still for very long before something has to happen, and all of this includes your kisses too.

So - witch one was your fav? I couldn't choose, I would love all theese kisses to happen Irl XD oh, yeah sorry for not posting for a while, I've just got alot to think about recently.. Oh well.. Hope you liked it! :)

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