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This is on English, since I like writing on English, but I probably will translate it to Danish, if you want n_n
If you want me to do a preference that hasn't been done before, write it in the commentbox and I will try my best ;)


4. He sees you crying..

He sees you crying


You slide down the door, letting the phone fall down, not caring about anything, you slowly let out small sobs, you know your mom had problems about the new husband hitting her... but it was way to soon to let go of her, you saw her smiling yesterday, tellling you that she was fine, giving you a hug as you left, you'll never see that again, you'll never talk with you loving and caring mother, she wasnt there, you felt empty... Suddently two arms wrapped around you, you looked up to see the curly haired, green eyed guy you loved, you hid your face in your hand, letting the tears take over. "H-Haz... S-Shes G-gone.." You sobbed into his chest, his hands were rubbing you back soothingly. "Yea baby, I know... Its ok to let it out..." So you did. you sat there for hours, saying nothing, Harry let you cry, there was a big dark cirkle on his shirt caused of your tears, but he didn't care, he only cared about you now, as you fell asleep in his arms, he carried you to bed and tucked you in blankets, he didn't leave, infact he stayed up all night whispering sweet nothings into your ear. he cuddled up to you and made sure you weren't sad, he doesnt want his kitten to cry...



Even though it was just a necklace as your friends said, i wasnt just a necklace, it was a special one, there were lots of different silver beads on, your grandmother had given you one, your mom... Allmost your whole family, and now Niall had bought you another bead to your collection, but there wasnt any space on the necklace for it, you hadnt told Niall yet.. You were afraid that he would get mad or think that he wasnt as special as your family, but he was! He was the love of your life, the one who you trusted to give your heart to, as Niall came home you were sitting in the middle of the livingroom studying the silver pearl he had given to you, it was shaped like a heart and had small diamonds in it, and in the other hand you had the neclace, tears were welling up in your eyes, Niall quickly fell to your side "Princess, dont cry! Please! Tell me, whats wrong?.." You sobbed a bit "I-I Dont have enough s-space on my necklace.." He stared at you, you couldnt read his expression, but you thought he was mad "I-Im so s-sorry Niall!" you stuttered. He smiled and wiped your tears away "Princess, we can buy you a bracelet to match you neckllace, kay?" you looked at him and nodded "Now, dont cry... We can go shopping tomorrow? Yea?" he said wiping the rest of your tears away.



Lately you had gotten alot of hate from fans, Zayns fans, because you told a girl you didn't want a picture, mostly beacuse you looked like crap, so now she had been gossiping, and made the story worse than it was. You were sick of it, reading through those mean texts, was this the way they saw you? Did they really hate you being with Zayn? did they hate you so bad that they wanted to... you felt the tears falling down your cheeks, you through your iphone across the room, as if you could throw away what you just had read, but it kept repeating in your head, running up into you and Zayn's bedroom, you crashed onto the bed and cried, just let the tears come streaming down soaking the pillow. What felt like hours later, someone rubbed your back and began humming into your ear, you turned your head to see a angel sit by your side "Babe, please stop reading the hate... Dont do this to you, and me... Please, please dont cry" you had a hard time not crying about what Zayn just had said now, he pulled you into a warm hug. he took you up in his arms and went downstairs "Now, I wanna cuddle, and make you happy, lets watch a movie, yeah?" You couldnt help but smile, Zayn was so nice to you, even though you began to cry again, he was there, holding you close and wispering soothing things to you. The boys found you two cuddled up in the sofa the day after, they had to do it... They posted a picture on twitter, when you read the texts, they werent negative anymore...



You had been cooking all day, even though you cant really cook, you wanted this evening to be special for Liam, letting him know how mutch you loved him, by putting all your effort into this food, while you were cooking. you didn't notice Liam coming home, watching you for a half hour baking a bread, he smiled for himself, as you stood and sliced the newly baked bread, he hugged you from behind, causing you to get shocked, and cutting your finger with the knife. you winced a bit and started to cry, not because it hurt, but now your hard work now was a disaster, "Y/N Im so sorry, does it hurt? I should never had done that, im so sorry!" he said helping you over to the sink. You sniffed a bit as washed you bloody finger, looking at the bread seeing the blood on it too, he saw your tears and helped you put a plaster on your finger "Your, crying! Im so stupid, sorry.. It really does hurt" You shook your head and started to cry again, now beacause it actually hurt, but also because you had ruined the dinner, he hugged you, only knowing about the first part. "Li, Im so sorry I wanted to make a special dinner, and now its all... Crap!" You mumbled pulling yourself out of Liams arms and taking the burnt food -if it still was food- out of the oven, you sighed and began to cry again, Liam laughed a bit "Li! Its not funny now its all ruined" he kissed your forehead and helped you clean the mess up "I know you tried hun, thats what counts" he said, kissing your lips lightly. You sighed "But Li... I wanted to make it a good and romantic dinner" You whined letting the tears fall again" He kissed them away though. "Y/N how bout we go to a restaurant instead? Isn't that just as romantic?" you ended up nodding "But I need to get myself ready first Li.." he nodded and let you out of his grip with a smile, it ended up very romantic, and in the magazines the next day too.



You and Louis were out shopping, mostly clothes, and drinking starbucks, ignoring the paparazzies, and all the questions you got, you were just enjoying each others company, you begged Louis for a new bikini, and he gladly took you over to the swimwear section, letting you look at the different bikinis "Y/N Im going to the bathroom, I'll be back in a sec" You nodded and continued to look at some bikinis, as you were looking a paparazzi said "Arent you afraid to put yourself in a bikini, I mean look at your body" You bit your lip, trying to ignore what you just heard, you pulled a bikini out, smiling for yourself, "Oh god... Dont, your too fat its a disgust!" the paparazzi said taking a few pictures of you. Now you got mad, and couldn't ignore him anymore "Im sorry, what?" you said, looking madly at the paparazzi, he grinned a bit "Your to fat for that bikini" He said, snapping a couple more photos and left, you sat down on the floor, idiot, you thought to yourself, the tears streaming down your face, were you that fat? you sniffed, but continued to cry. Louis was back after a few minutes, he fell down on his knees and pulled you into a hug "Baby? What happened?.. Why are you crying, did someone hurt you?" He asked, you just nodded, "What hun?" You sniffed, but the tears wouldnt stop "H-He told me.. I was fat" Louis stiffened a bit "Y/N You aren't fat! If anyones fat its him" You nodded happy to have Louis protecting you "I would've beaten him up if i was here... Im sorry I wasn't there for you" He said, you two bought the bikini and Louis held your waist protectivly the rest of the day.

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