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This is on English, since I like writing on English, but I probably will translate it to Danish, if you want n_n
If you want me to do a preference that hasn't been done before, write it in the commentbox and I will try my best ;)


7. A cute moment your child and he has..

A cute moment your child and he has:


You hear giggling from the livingroom and decide to go look, as you walk into the livingroom you see Harry tickle your curly haired 4 month old daugter, you can't stop smiling. They looked so cute, until Harry finds out your in the livingroom and stops, you blush a bit and run out again. You didn't mean to ruin that special moment, but soon enough you hear a giggling again.



"Ow!" you hear Niall scream from the bathroom, you hurry up and open the door to the bathroom, finding your 4 year old daughter setting his hair, you can't help but laugh, but then you ruin that moment they had "Mommy! Out!" Your daughter yells, you smile a bit and close the door again, you cant help but laugh every time you hear Niall screaming.



You and Zayn were watching a movie, but you fell asleep. as you woke up Zayn wasn't there, but he was lying on the floor with your 1 year old son trying to do a puzzle, if your son got it wrong hw got mad and threw the piece on Zayn, causing you to giggle, when Zayn heard that he took a piece and threw it at you, making you run out of the livingroom so they could share that moment a bit longer.



You were cleaning in the house until you opened the door to your room, Liam and your allmost 1 year old son were making a twitcam, when your son saw himself he couldn't stop making weird faces, making you laugh, your boys quickly shooed you out of the room, you silently closed the door, but listining to what they were saying.



As you came home from work you heard a weird noise from the kitchen, at you went out there you saw Louis with babyfood everywhere, your 6 month old daughter refused to eat, he was trying to make plane sound over to her mouth, you couldn't help but smile, and silently walked away, getting ready for a bath for them both.


-Any other ideas? Please write in the comments!

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