This is about what I would give to change one of my biggest mistakes,These poems are based off emotions. Also based off of stories I have been told


1. What I would give.

What I would give

to see you again I miss your sweet smile,

You told me I can't be right for you.

I made a mistake 

What I would give to

go back and change everything

What I would give to see you accept

I wish you would understand

I have been through so much

What I would give

to show you that Im in love with you

Oh you will never get me

you should know

What I would give

to rewind

To go back in time

What I would give...

I want to show you the world

I want to love you

What I would give

If you gave me one more chance

I wish I knew what was going through

my thick skull.

What I would give

for you to listen to me 

I miss the Way we talked.

What I would give... 

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