This is about what I would give to change one of my biggest mistakes,These poems are based off emotions. Also based off of stories I have been told


2. Welcome to my world

Welcome to my world


I’ve been going crazy


I’ve had so much pain


Give me some slack


Take a walk in my shoes


Then tell me how it really feels


Tell me it will be ok


Yeah welcome to my world


Of darkness, of pain


Of continuously being hurt


You tell me.


You ask how I can deal with this pain


You ask why don’t I cry


Why do I hide every thing


That has ever happened to me


Why do I hide my pain


So I said Walk a mile in my shoes


Then ask me


Welcome to my world


This world you learn to hide your fears


Your pain, your hurt,


Now tell me why


This is all I have ever known


I don’t know


Anything but anger, sadness, and sorrow


Can you tell me what its like to be happy


I would love to know I have never known





Anger, Sadness, and sorrow

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