This is about what I would give to change one of my biggest mistakes,These poems are based off emotions. Also based off of stories I have been told


11. Look at me...

Look at me

See the things I’ve done

My arms shake

Look into my eyes


The pain fills me

The stakes are high

The terror is is beyond me

The things I’ve seen


Look at me

The things I have done

They don’t break me

They commence my struggles


Who am I?

What have I become?

The blood is running thin,

Where am I going to end up?


Look at me

The light stings like a bee

Darkness has overwhelmed me

What is happening?


At night his voice,

It lures me in

Tears me apart

Who do I hear?


Look at me

Can’t you see?

This game is all pretend

It’s dark and gloomy


Here I smile

There I cry

Staring into the eyes of…

My Devil


Look at me

So happy as can be;

Well I hate to say

That it is all a game



What a game, a smile that never ends

Can’t you see the darkness

In the eyes of a killer (No, why so?)


Look at me

What do you really see?


Go back for a minute or two


The sad eyes,

She’s so quiet

Covering of the wrists

Did you ever notice


Look at me

On top of the world, Never;

Smiles never ending

Struggles never fading


Now you notice

Don’t you?

I see your face

I see the struggles


Look at me

Would you imagine that “smart kid”

Could ever have so much pain

That they never stop enduring


You see the light

Now comes the pain

Crashing down, like a wall of fame

Nothing to be proud of


Look at me

I’m still here

You never knew

My struggles


So look, stop complaining

I think I have it bad so what

I get through it knowing,

Someone out there has got it worse than me


So look at me

Now you see

The struggles

I will always get past my troubles


Never doubt that someone

Isn't going through some pain.

So don’t increase the size of

Their demons inside

Look at me

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