This is about what I would give to change one of my biggest mistakes,These poems are based off emotions. Also based off of stories I have been told


7. Gotta go

Today I realized what I gotta do

I realized that I don't belong with you

I'm out I gotta go

I'm getting out of this Hell

You let her run your life

Give me a chance

All I asked

You said I'm out I gotta go

Theres no point

You don't deserve one more

I gotta go is all that was said

I miss everything that ever happened

I miss your sweet kiss

I miss our long hugs

All because I said

I gotta go

I asked for a second chance

No probably not, Is all you said

Out of no where, you said

We can still be friends right

Sure was my reply

Oops I gotta go!

I mean really

Just say that you don't want to talk to me

Now All I have to tell you is

I GOTTA GO!!!!! 

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