This is about what I would give to change one of my biggest mistakes,These poems are based off emotions. Also based off of stories I have been told


5. Can you hear me?

Listen to the cries

can you hear me?

In the halls can you hear the screams?

I cry... does anybody hear me?

I have so many scars...

Does anyone hear my cries?

My screams...

He's hurting me 

The pain continues to build...

I have lost my way 

Where am I?!!?

Can you hear me?

I try to scream no sound comes...

The tears keep pouring down my face.

I start to lose my sight,

Where am I?! 

I screamed at the top of my lungs.

Something sharp is cutting me

I feel my warm blood running down my arm

I hurts so bad...

Can you hear my cries?

Tears run down my face

I try to scream, I have no voice...

No body can hear me, can they?

I lost my hope

So much pain 

Will anybody find me?

I have lost consciousness.

I wake up so dizzy so much blood is gone

When will they find me.

Can you hear me?

I woke my self up screaming.

This was but a dream.

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