I'll be there..

When Charlotte runs away from her dysfunctional family her friends all abandon her and she has nowhere to run to. Her family are on the edge of finding her when she bumps into Liam....


1. Lost and found

My mother slapped me hard on my face. I could feel pain throbbing all over me.

I screamed as loud as I could and my mother seemed taken aback. I made a run for it, I grabbed the bag I had packed ready before she had attacked me and sprinted away from my house as quickly as I could.

I could hear her shouting after me, 'I'll get you bitch!' This is what propelled my legs farther although they felt like they were about to drop off. I kept running and running until I found myself nearer to the centre of London.

Breathing heavily I tried to blend in with the crowds of people until I knew I would be safe.

I ducked into the nearest shop I could. A Jack Wills.

I pretended to be looking at the clothes, I had pocketed a bit of money from my father's money box before leaving the house but if I bought even a small bag I would have barely anything left, it was too expensive.

I tried to act as I was just here to shop so I went up the staircase to the next floor.

I heard talking so I walked towards the source of the voice.

I saw Liam Payne of One Direction on his phone, looking at a hoodie. My jaw dropped when he noticed me and smiled.

As soon as he got off the phone he walked a little closer to me.

'Hey, are you okay?' He smiled his beautiful smile and I nodded, unable to speak. 'Fan?' 

I nodded again. He chuckled and nodded himself.

'I'm kind of lost actually, I don't know quite how I ended up in here' I said, I shrugged. I knew my voice was quiet but he clearly heard me as he smiled more.

'Want me to help you find your way?' I nodded, blushing a little.

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