I'll be there..

When Charlotte runs away from her dysfunctional family her friends all abandon her and she has nowhere to run to. Her family are on the edge of finding her when she bumps into Liam....


2. About me

Before I say what happened next I think I should tell you a little bit about me.

My name is Charlotte Robinson and I come from a majorly dysfunctional family.

I am 18 years old, and have long mahogany hair, green eyes and really pale skin. 

People have always told me I am a beautiful girl, some even say they envy me but that doesn't stop my insecurities growing. My mother calls me a fat ugly bitch even though I got most of my looks from her. She doesn't love me, my sister, Ally, or my father. She always has a different man in her bed every week. And if anyone is the bitch, she is.

I cut, I always try to hide it with long sleeves and by not wearing shorts but it can be hard to hide it sometimes. Every now and then someone finds out. They always say the same things, 'please try to stop' or 'you don't deserve this' but they don't understand. To fully understand you have to have been through it yourself. Cutting calms me down, to be finally able to find a way to make me feel more relaxed is, in itself, relaxing.

Now onto my father. My father can be the most lovely man at times, he will take you shopping, buy you whatever you please no matter how much it is but one wrong slip, one barely offensive word and he goes ballistic. Many times I have been thrown into walls, punched and even worse, by him.

How I am even related to these people is a mystery but throughout my life I have had to learn that throughout life there are hardships. And in my eyes, they are just a small bump in the road.

I aspire to be an artist the most, though my parents have never bought me my own art set or anything I love art at school. The feel of the bristles of the brushes and the swirling colours of the paint take me to a whole new world. A brighter world where I can be lost in art and inspiration. Then snapped out of my daydream by the school bell.


So yeah, this is me, Charlotte Robinson. 18. Runaway.


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