Never Loved

Demi Lovato and Niall Horan had a baby, but Demi gave her for adoption without Niall knowing. Its years in the future and the baby is not a baby anymore. She auditions for the X-Factor, and gets in. When Demi turns out to be her mentor, but they don't get along, they hate each other. Will this orphan get her happy family?


7. Chapter 5.

~Demi's P.O.V.~

"Niall, your daughter isn't dead." I said, my voice shaking.

He didn't say anything. He just stood still, looking at me with bewildered eyes. 
Tears threatening to spill. He shook his head.

"What do you mean she's not dead!?" His voice rising. I winced.

"I'm sorry! I-I don- I wanted to tell you!" I was on the verge of sobbing, but not here. Yes there was no one here other than the workers, and a couple in the back, doing god knows what.

"But, you didn't Demi! You didn't! You know how hard it was for me knowing my own child was dead!?"

"I know! I know it must have been hard fro you, but- but I really am sorry!" 

"Where is she then?" He calmed down, I've never seen him like this. Niall has never been a violent person, he has never yelled at me. 16 years ago, yes he yelled but not like this.

"Well, 16 years ago, after she was born I went to this orphanage. I handed the lady the girl, and I- I left her there."

"How could you be so cruel? I would've taken it. You know damn well I wouldn't have let you do that!" I looked down. I did know, damn well. 
He has every right to hat me more. I know I've made a mistake. "Goodbye Demi." I looked up to see that he was leaving. 

I can't believe that just happened, I knew it wouldn't end well. But it was the right thing to do. I heard someone sit where Niall was, I looked up hoping he came back. It wasn't. It was Katelyn, she had a smirk on her face. This can't end well.

~Katelyn's P.O.V.~

I was bored, so I went to a cafe' that wasn't far from here.

When I got there I couldn't believe my eyes, Demi was there with this guy. No one I'd seen before.
She was had tears brimming in her eyes. I had to know what they were talking about, so I moved closer to their table. 

"Niall, your daughter isn't dead." She said. She had a daughter? Where is she? Who is she? 
The guy started screaming at her, while she apologized.  She told the father her daughter was dead? That is just plain fucked up.

"Well, 16 years ago, after she was born I went to this orphanage. I handed the lady the girl, and I- I left her there." She managed to get out. 
My eyes widened. Poor girl, I know what its like to be an orphan. I know how it feels to be abandoned by your parents. And she, wow I don't 
even have the words. She could have given her everything! Yet, she was too selfish to take care of her own daughter.

Damn, I thought I disliked her before. Now I know exactly how she is. 
The guy-who I'm guessing his name is Niall- left her sitting there with her head down. 
I didn't plan on doing anything. Its like my body reacted on its own, because the next thing I knew I was sitting where Niall had sat, right
in front of Demi. With a smirk on my face.

She looked up with hopeful eyes, that disappeared into confused when she saw me there.

"What do you want?" She spat.

"Oh you know, I was just in the neighborhood. Saw you here.." 

"Just leave."

"Yeah, I guess I do have to leave huh. I've got stuff to tell people.." Her eyes widened.

"You heard that?" she asked frantically. I nodded.

"All. Of. It." I said emphasizing it. "You're a cruel bitch you know that?"

"You can't tell anybody! If it gets out it'll create a big scandal. We can't deal with that." I ignored her.

"Well, I must be going." I got up. "I'm very good at keeping secrets. But you know sometimes things slip out of my mouth." I smirked.

"You wont do that. I can ruin your career." I scoffed.

"What career? I'm freaking 16! I have no career." I turned to her one last time before I left. "Yet."

I honestly don't know what got into me. Yeah I don't like her anyways, but when I heard that. It made my blood boil. 
I'm actually glad her daughter isn't with Demi, I don't think anyone can stand her. God I can't even stand her. 

a/n: Sorry if  it was sucky, My mom was rushing me.

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