Never Loved

Demi Lovato and Niall Horan had a baby, but Demi gave her for adoption without Niall knowing. Its years in the future and the baby is not a baby anymore. She auditions for the X-Factor, and gets in. When Demi turns out to be her mentor, but they don't get along, they hate each other. Will this orphan get her happy family?


5. Chapter 3.

~Katelyn's P.O.V.~

I sighed. Today, and every other day has been hard on me.

I knew this wouldn't be all fun and games, but I didn't think it would be this hard.

Practice almost all day, which of you only get a few breaks. Yeah not the best thing on the world. This is worth it though. If I can do this than maybe I can finally be happy. I can get out of the home. Do whatever it takes to take Liz with me. I couldn't do this without her. 

Stop it Katelyn! 

I scolded at myself,  I can't get my hopes up.  If I lose, and have my hopes high, I'll brake more inside than I already am.
I can't be thinking about this. On top of  that Demi hasn't passed an opportunity to scold at me. I have to do this right.
Wait, what the hell am I thinking? Why would I want to please her? Why would I care what she thinks. 

you know that I'm a crazy bitch 
 I do what I want when I feel like it 
All I wanna do is lose control oh oh 
But you don't really give a shit 
 you go with it go with it go with it 
Cause you're fucking crazy rock'n'roll 

You said hey 
What's your name 
It took one look 
And now I'm not the same 
Yeah you said hey 
And since that day 
You stole my heart 
And you're the one to blame 

And that's why I smile 

I was practicing right now, but I was really tired. I groaned. I stopped doing whatever we were doing, and lied down, closing my eyes.

It's been a while 
Since every day and everything has 
Felt this right 
And now yo-

The music stopped, and there was a shadow making my closed eyes see darker. Does that makes sense? Like do you know how when you close your eyes its really dark? Then if there is like light it seems less dark, and then if there is no light its darker? Well I don't know  how to explain it, but that how it was.

Someone cleared their throat. "What do you think you're doing?" I knew that voice anywhere. 


I sighed, opening my eyes. I looked up at her, sitting up. "What does it look like I'm doing?"  
She rolled her eyes at me. "You should be practicing." She scolded. This time I rolled my eyes.
"I've been rehearsing all day. I'm tired, and I'm resting, which you now ruined." I said standing back up.

I picked up my water bottle to only be smacked away by a hand.

"Who do you think you are to speak to me that way? I'm trying to help you actually win this! You are so ungrateful!" I scoffed.
"Helping me? Wha- You know what? I am who I am. I don't care who you are. I can do what I want.  Speak to whom I want,  how I want. And as for helping me. You call working me death, helping me? I'm not perfect, and I don't want to be.

"You have done nothing but bitch at me. And I know you don't like me. I'm not stupid, I see the way you looked at me when I first auditioned, its the same look you have given me ever since, and the look you're giving me this very moment. And I am  tired of you,  so back off!" 

Her face completely dropped. I didn't care though, I was beyond pissed at this moment. I turned around to leave.
Once I reached the door I took one last look at her, she was in the position, shock written all over her face. 

"I hate you too." I said before leaving her completely  shocked than she has been.

~Demi's P.O.V.~

"I hate you too." She said as she left me stunned in the room by myself. 

I had tears threatening to spill, but I didn't let them.
I couldn't. I had to stay strong. 
I've stayed strong all my life, through everything I've ever been through.

But Katelyn, made me feel weak, Like there was something that gets me drawn to. 
A connection, I feel towards her. 

Stay strong Demi.

Shes just some kid.

Yet, I feel the urge to help her as much as I can. 
But she is right. I have done nothing but bitch at her, work her too hard. And maybe, just maybe I do dislike her in a way...

I sighed. I made my way to my room.

I was debating whether to do it or not. 

It is the right thing to do.. but what if he hates me, more than he already does? 

Without even thinking I dialed his phone number.
I couldn't do it. I was about to hang up, but his voice stopped me.

"Hello." His strong Irish accent ringing in my ears.





"I.. uh.. I need to tell you something." 


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