Never Loved

Demi Lovato and Niall Horan had a baby, but Demi gave her for adoption without Niall knowing. Its years in the future and the baby is not a baby anymore. She auditions for the X-Factor, and gets in. When Demi turns out to be her mentor, but they don't get along, they hate each other. Will this orphan get her happy family?


26. Chapter 22.

[a/n: I'M BACK! (as if anyone cares) I'm sorry this is gonna be boring. And I'm sorry I haven't updated its just been busy with school but I started vacation and I'll be updating. ALSO, the chapters aren't going to be that long, because I want to finish an update faster. I hope you guys don't mind?  Please leave me comments, suggestions, or criticism. Anything!  Thank you for sticking around. I love you all. (: ]

I was exceptionally surprised when I got out of bed this morning. I walked down stairs to find Sandy and Niall playing with what seemed to look like pancake batter. They were laughing; flirting?

"Hey, what's for breakfas- oh" and there came Liz, her usual self. Both Niall and Sandy turned around. 

They were a mess from the waist up. Niall had a red flannel shirt on, it as covered in batter; his hair was sticking to his head. Sandy looked the worst. Her hair was splattered with batter; her shirt looked like there was polka dots on them, but looked like an extremely terrible fashion trend. The kitchen; a mess. All in all, it did look like one hell of a food fight.

I stood in the doorway with Liz, both of us looking astonished by the mess. Sandy cleared her throat, regaining her posture. "Uh, yeah, pancakes. We were just finishing." 

Before I sat down in my regular seat, I had to clean off my chair. Liz sat on my left, just as any other day. And what came surprising to me is that Niall sat down on my right when he could've sat in any other place or by Sandy. I looked at him curiously and he returned it with a smile. 

All through breakfast I didn't speak. And this was not all unusual for me. It was just that today I had to go back to the hotel, prepare for the show in three days, and see Demi altogether. By the time we were finished, most of the kids had gotten up and started questioning the mess in the kitchen. "Nothing. I'll clean up here and then I'll get your breakfast, okay?" Sandy told them. 

"I'll  help you. I was part of it, right?" I heard Niall say as Liz and I headed off to our room to start packing my things; something I wanted to not do at all. But I know I have to go back. 

I finished packing in about half an hour-- I really didn't have that many things. And I had only stayed here for a few days. I took my time admiring the room. I was suddenly feeling extremely homesick and I didn't want to leave again. 

"Ready?" I turned towards the door, seeing Niall stand with a smile. 


"I'm taking you back to the hotel, silly." 

"You really don't have to-"

"I want to," he told me sternly and I knew he meant it. I sighed and nodded. 

Downstairs was everyone waiting. I hugged Sandy first. "We'll be rooting for you," she whispered in my ear, as she began letting me go. Next it was Liz. She had that rock hard look she always put on whenever she felt emotional and was about to cry. I hugged her as tightly as ever, not wanting to let go. 

"I'm gonna miss you," she said in the quietest voice. She knew if she spoke anymore she would crack and start crying. 

"I'm gonna miss you too," I told her, still holding her. "Can you do something for me?" I felt her head nod. "Just, cry right now. With me. I don't want you holding it in until night. Please?" 

I stepped away from her. And her last expression was gone. Now, her expression was soft. A tear rolled down her cheek and I hugged her tight again. I felt her tears; one by one drop on the crook of my neck. And I could feel my own as well. 

"I'll miss you, so much. I love you Liz. I'll be back again before you know it." As I left, she stood by the door waving until she couldn't see me anymore. Even though I told her not to wait until nighttime to let out all her tears. I knew it's what she was gonna do to tonight. 

"So, I was thinking," Niall began saying, as we were at the hotel doors. "we could, uh, spend some time together tomorrow. We could go to dinner and, I don't know... uh, talk...?" 

"It's fine if you don't want to. I just thought we could get to know each other better." he sighed. "It was stupid of me to ask. This is all new to me to I just-"

"Yeah," I said. "I would love to." I impressed myself at how calm I said it. I thought for sure it was going to come out just like his nervous babbling and I wouldn't be able to stop myself from talking. 

"Really?" he sounded surprised; very surprised. As if he knew I would say now; it almost hurt that he thought I wouldn't want anything to do with him "Great," he smiled. "I'll get reservations at a restaurant nearby." I smiled and nodded. Now, I would only have to be rehearsing for a few hours. But that's not why I accepted his offer. I truly wanted to know more about him. 

After I left Niall go his way, I walked along the all too familiar hotel hallway, alone. They were all the same; long and narrow. Small rooms to my left and right, the large ones mostly all on an end of the hall. I was currently at the hotel where everyone on the show was staying at for a while. Where she was staying at. 

I almost didn't come back here this morning. But I knew I had to sometime. Unless, I were to drop out of the show and run away, becoming a hitch hiker, or something. Which, would be terrifying to me in every way, hence hitch hikers have always looked scary and creepy looking to me. But that truly sounded like the stupidest thing I could ever do. 

The night went on and I hadn't seen Demi. And I was glad. But I knew that tomorrow I would have no choice but to spend my time with her. Well, that is if she didn't want to be there for my rehearsals. And I knew that was not going to happen. She had always wanted to see how I was doing. No surprises whatsoever. If I was doing badshe had to know. If I was doing greatshe still had to know. 

And in the past, I've had no problem with that at all. But now... Now, I'm pissed that she can't mind her own damn business. I groaned realizing I am not going to be getting anything done tomorrow. My mind will be on other matters. I don't even know what song I'm going to sing. How will I get through this? Just don't think about, I said to myself. 

Don't try to think about anything. 

[a/n: read my note at the beginning, okay, it's semi-improtant. Again, sorry if this is boring or nor good at all.  I'm going to get the rest of the story going with this.]

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