Never Loved

Demi Lovato and Niall Horan had a baby, but Demi gave her for adoption without Niall knowing. Its years in the future and the baby is not a baby anymore. She auditions for the X-Factor, and gets in. When Demi turns out to be her mentor, but they don't get along, they hate each other. Will this orphan get her happy family?


22. Chapter 18.

[A/N; This whole chapter--excpet the dream- is going to be written in 3rd person point of view, because I didn't want to change points of view on and off. A warning here, I'm not really used to writing in 3rd person, so it might come out weird...
Can you guys, also give me any kind of feedback? It's very helpful. Good or bad. thanks.]

His melodic laugh filled me ears. I smiled, ear to ear. I felt like such a school girl, getting all giddy about a guy. But, this wasn't just any guy, it was Niall.

Being with him, made me feel safe. Like, I was off on another planet. We walked along the streets of London. It was right around 9 o'clock. The sun had set a few hours ago--which Niall and I watched. Today we were out all day, together.

He had set up the whole day. Breakfast at his house. After we would just go around London, doing absolutely nothing, which would come to lunch time, then back again sight seeing--things I hadn't seen yet.

Who said, men couldn't do anything?

They're wrong.

When it came to the end of our day, he took me to the London eye, for dinner. The view was absolutely beautful. "Demi?" I looked at him. His eyes were completely focused on one thing.


"Yes?" He slowly moved in, as did I. Our lips molding perfectly in sync.

"I love you." 

Strange dream, Demi thought. She really has never dreamt about that. Let alone, wanted to think about it, much. She looked at herself in the mirror, seeing dark circles under her syes.

Sighing, she quickly got in the shower, trying to clear her head. She was feeling a little uneasy this morning. 
A few blocks down, was Niall. Also feeling uneasy. Today was a big day for him, anyway. So, he'd figure it was all his nerves kicking in. He's already called everyone, telling them he'd meet them in an hour. Giving him time to get ready and all.

He needed primping--obviously wanting to look good today, especially. They all-as in former members of One Direction, and the two teenage boys-- could use some time alone.

What was going to happen today? Was all they could think about. It's obviously not going to be all sugar coded, to  her. There was going to be some chaoss today.

Niall, all he could think about was that, and about his daughter Katelyn. Who he knew in his heart, had his blood in her. All the pieces had been there since the very beginning. Why hadn't Demi, figured it out already?

He was pretty sure if, he was that close to her, he would've fond out earlier. Well, giving the idea, his daughter was alive, then yes. Taking his time to pamper up, his thoughts were all caught up in his head.

Katelyn, woke up bright and early that morning. She had just gotten home, and wasn't planning on wasting time here by sleeping. Even if, she had missed her old bed. Not in a bad way, the beds at every hotel they had stayed at were very comfortable, nothing liker her bed though.

Jumping up on her best friend's bed, saying 'revenge' in her head. Months back you would find Liz jumping on Katelyn trying to wake her. Although, Katelyn thought this was kind of mean on her part, hence they had only slept a few hours.

The first night here and Katelyn was already causing problems around here. Her and Liz had started goofing off like before, causing the, both to break out in a food fight. Which, in turn of events for them, they had to clean the whole dining room by themselves. Then they had slept late in hours talking about the times they needed to catch up on.

"Are you ready?" Liam asked, his friend Niall, for what seemed the millionth time for Niall. Exaspereated he said he was going to be fine, Liam didn't need to worry about him.
Liam, still worried. How could he not? Niall was still glued to his chair. Sighing, Liam went to Niall's side to get him out. He knew, Niall was feeling off, due to the day that was today.

Katelyn stood in the kitchen of the home, with Liz, and some of the younger children. "Okay, so maybe we do need help." Liz told a laughing Katelyn, as they seem t o be having problems with the cake. The two wanted to do something fun with the children, which turned out to be baking.

Did they have experience? Burning things, yes. "Why don't we do something else, Sandys' busy with some people who came in a few minutes ago. You know we can't disturb her, while she's off trying to get someone adopted." Katelyn reasoned.

Chosing, to just paint with the little kids in the upstairs playroom, they heard a knock at the door.

"Come in!" One of the smaller children called. Though, it sounded like 'Co in.' due to the small toddler only three years of cage. Liz and Katelyn chuckled lightly.

"Someone is here to see you, Katelyn." The two friends exchanged a bewildered look, as Katelyn nodded.

"Okay, I'll be right down." Looking back at her friend, who was still confused. She shrugged, telling her she'd be right back.

As she took the last final step, she was even more confused than ever. "What are you guys doing here?"

As I said, I'm not really used to writing in 3rd person, so I hope this is decent. Please comment any kind of feedback. Thanks, again

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