Never Loved

Demi Lovato and Niall Horan had a baby, but Demi gave her for adoption without Niall knowing. Its years in the future and the baby is not a baby anymore. She auditions for the X-Factor, and gets in. When Demi turns out to be her mentor, but they don't get along, they hate each other. Will this orphan get her happy family?


17. Chapter 14.

-Katelyn's P.O.V.-

"Okay. I think that's a wrap. You did great!" Demi called out from the audience, when I was finished rehearsing for the show. I smiled. Our relationship has been more healthy, I think. There's still a few arguments here and there, but nothing big. 
"Thanks!" I plopped down making a 'thump' sound. Good thing there was a mat or it would've hurt my bum.  Demi was looking at some 'business' type papers. "Where were you yesterday?" I ask her. She put down the paper and looked up at me. She shook her head. 
"No where. Just the doctors. Don't worry about it." She said, then got back to her papers. I didn't want to push the subject any longer. Main reason is that I don't want her to start bitching. I mean it's her life. Is shouldn't worry about it. "You should go get some rest. Tomorrow's the show." She smiled at me. 
"Okay then, I'll see you...whenever." I grab my stuff, and head on out. Putting my iPod on, I didn't know where I was going and bumped into someone. "Shit. I muttered under my breathe as my things fell. "I'm so sorry!" I bent down to pick up my bag, when another pair of hands touched mine. I looked up, seeing a guy-a gorgeous one that is. "I-uh-I'm really sorry." I stuttered out, still looking directly into his blue eyes. 
He smiled, which made my heart melt. "No, it was my fault. I'm sorry." I giggled a little bit. 

"No really, it was my fault. I wasn't watching where I was going." 
"I wasn't either, though. My dad was chasing after me, because of...something." I nodded. 
"Oh, well I-uh-I'm gonna go now..." I started leaving. I'm sure the whole time I was with him I was blushing like crazy. I didn't even get his name.
"Hey! Wait!" I turned around. "I didn't catch your name." It's like he read my mind. 
"Katelyn." I said. He whispered something to himself I didn't really catch.
"Jason." He said. It fit him. "I'll see you around, yeah?"
"Sure." I said, leaving. I looked back one more time, he was still there watching me. I blushed when he waved at me. I had never had any experience with guys, ever

In just a few hours I would be out there performing. I don't know why I was so nervous. I've done this countless times. I just feel so anxious, in a good and bad way. "Are you ready for tonight?" I looked over to the now opened door, Demi was there already dressed. I nodded.
"Just a little nervous, is all." She came over to me, giving me a side hug. I awkwardly hugged back. This has never happened. If we're about to touch each other, it's usually, because she wants to slap me or I want to slap her. 

Yet, here she was hugging me, telling me that she's here to support me. "You'll do fine. You always do. Oh, I almost forgot, there's a surprise for you." She smiled at me before she left. She's right, I can do this. But what if I can't? What if I embarrassed myself, and got kicked off the show tomorrow. I know what I've been saying before these past weeks, but I do want this. So bad. I can't lose. Liz and Sandy knew I could do this, I didn't want to let them down. But what was the surprise?

I finished straightening my outfit. I had calmed down my nerves, but I was still pretty shaken up. I still don't know what the 'surprise' was. I didn't even get to think of it much, anyway. There was a knock on my door. "Come in!" I called. The door opened, Lucy-the producer came in. 
"You're on in 5." She warned me. I nodded. I grabbed my shoes. I was never one to wear heels, so I had my TOMS

The lights dimmed. The music started playing, I waited until the right beat came. Something was different , though. There was six spotlights. 

You hand fits in mine like its made just for me. But bear this in mind it was meant to be. And I'm joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks. And It all makes sense to me. 
I know, you've never loved the crinkles by your eyes when you smile, your stomach or your thighs. The dimples in your back at the bottom of your spine. But I'll love them endlessly.
I won't let these little things slip out of my mouth. But if I do. It's you. Oh, it's you they add up to. I'm in love with you. And all these little things.
You can't go to bed, without a cup of tea. And maybe that's the reason that you talk in your sleep. And all those conversations are the secrets that I keep, though it makes no sense to me.
I know you've never loved. The sound of your voice on tape. You never want to know how much you weigh. You still have to squeeze into your jeans. But you're perfect to me.
I wont let these little things slip out of my mouth. But if its true. Its you. Oh, its you they add to. I'm in love with you, and all these little things.
You'll never love yourself half as much as I love you. You'll never treat yourself right darling but I want you to. if I let you know I'm here for you. Maybe you'll yourself like I love you, oh.
And I've just let these little things slip out of my mouth. 'Cause its you. Oh, its you. It's you, they add up to. And I'm in love with you. And all these little things.
I wont let these little things slip out of my mouth. But if its true. Its you. Its you, they add up to. And I'm in love with you.
And all these little things.

We all finished, the whole crowd started cheering and clapping. I had just performed with One Direction. This must have been the 'surprise' Demi was talking about. At first I was freaking out-considering I only rehearsed with my voice alone, then they come. They obviously did get practice. They probably didn't even need it. They were incredible.

All six of us stood in the middle facing the judges. 
"That was fantastic! Katelyn once again you have blown us away by your talent. How did it feel singing with One Direction?" Cher asked.
"Well, honestly I wasn't expecting it at all. I didn't-this was just great! They obviously haven't lost their touch!" I laughed. She nodded, turning her attention to them. 
"How does it feel being back on stage after so long?" 
"It felt so incredible. After so long of being onstage, I'm glad its here, with Katelyn, she obviously has a lot of talent, it was our pleasure performing here with her tonight." Liam replied. They all looked so happy. I feel so honored that after, them not performing after so long, that it was with me. I don't know much of them, like I said I had only seen so many things online. It's not like I was going to stalk them or anything. 

Once I reached backstage I grabbed a water bottle. "Katelyn!" I looked around, seeing who called my name. Huh no one was there. There was only business type people and other contestants. I guess I was just imagining it? "Boo!" someone said in my ear, poking my sides in the process. I screamed. There stood Jason laughing his ass off. 
"What the hell!?" I yelled at him. My heart was pounding so hard and my sides hurt. Dang he pokes hard. 
"I'm sor-ory! I ju- I just had to!" He said in between laughs. I rolled my eyes, leaving him there laughing as I went the other way. "Hey!" I turned around, giving him a 'what' look. "I'm sorry. It's just it was so easy." I shook my head. "Why didn't you tell me your were a contestant?" he asked. I raised an eyebrow at him. 
"Did it matter? And are you stalking me?" 
"Me? Stalking you? No way. My dad is here, so I am too." 
"Who's your dad?" I asked. It couldn't be  any of the other contestants, I was pretty sure none of them had kids. 



I still don't know who the dad should be. There is more people who say Louis' son? 
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