Never Loved

Demi Lovato and Niall Horan had a baby, but Demi gave her for adoption without Niall knowing. Its years in the future and the baby is not a baby anymore. She auditions for the X-Factor, and gets in. When Demi turns out to be her mentor, but they don't get along, they hate each other. Will this orphan get her happy family?


14. Chapter 12.

-Niall's P.O.V-

Liam was going to be here in just a matter of minutes. I had called him earlier. He had come back from his vacation with Danielle, and their kids. They still live in London, but he wanted to come and see me. It was a great opportunity to tell him, I hadn't had the chance to do it at all. We hadn't even seen each other in a long time, and by that I mean a few months. It's a long time to us, though. There was a knock at the door. 
I opened the door, and I was greeted by a giant bear hug. 
"Niall, how you been little buddy." I rolled my eyes playfully. Liam still likes saying I'm little, which I'm not! I am a gown man! 
"Good, what about you? How was your vacation?" We pulled away from the hug, I let him in. He grinned.
"I'm good. The vacation was great. We had a fun time with the kids." I smiled, at least he could have a family, and not be in a situation like me. 
"What about, without the kids. Did you have fun? I hope you used protection, we wouldn't want more little Danielle, and Liam juniors." I teased. He blushed. "So what's been going on with you? Why are you in America?" He asked ignoring my last remark. I sighed deeply. 
"Well that's what I wanted to explain..." I explained everything to him, up to the point we are now.

"And today, he got me this." I showed him the picture Phil sent me a few hours ago. 
"She's so tiny." He smiled. I grinned.
Yeah, she is."

-Katelyn's P.O.V.-

And all these little things.

"Wow! That was great! Good job Katelyn. You can take a break now." I nodded at Demi. It's like she's been in a good mood lately. I don't know why, but I didn't really care as long as she wasn't being all bitchy at me. And I wasn't going to ruin it. I had more free time to do whatever I felt like doing, which isn't anything really. I just lie around my room reading, eating, or sleeping. I didn't really like talking to anyone here. I'm not the social type. The other contestants always try making conversation with me, whether they just want to be nice, or they actually want to be my friend.
I go with the first one. I'm not really good at making friends. It was hard enough getting along with Liz, when were were just toddlers. Maybe that's why we're so close. We always had each other. Both of us suck at making friends. There was this girl Samantha, at the auditions, first time I tried making a friend, but she ruined it. She was a total bitch! I think she was just like that because I could sing and she couldn't. No hate, though it's true. She didn't even get one yes. I got four yeses. So, in other words she was terrible. She sounded like a dying whale. 
No seriously. I'm not kidding. 


Nothing to do...

I started skipping-I don't know why I was skipping- to Demi's hotel room. I didn't know what else to do. She was the only person I actually talk to here. And also, because I'm bored. She's also been a whole lot nicer, so why not?
"She's so tiny." I heard someone say I made my way down the long narrow hallway.
"Yeah, she is." two people? Must be, there's two voices. Who though? The didn't sound like girls so, it's not Demi. It sounded...Irish? Niall! But who else? I reached to where I heard them better. Sure enough it was Niall, with a friend? Brother? 
"Oh hi." Both their heads snapped up to me.
"Hey.." Niall said
"Sorry I was looking for Demi.." Wow, it was awkward.
"Haven't seen her. Oh uh this is Liam. Liam this is Katelyn." Liam looked at me curiously. He whispered something into Niall's ear, so I couldn't hear, obviously. Niall glanced down at something he was holding, then back at me. Then the same process over again. I wonder what it was.  My curiosity got the best of me. 
'What's that?" I pointed down at what he was holding. He quickly put it behind his back. 
"Nothing." Did he think I was blind? Stupid? I raised an eyebrow at him, stepping closer to him. I was planning on snatching it away. Am I that readable? He noticed what I was going to do and held it up over his head. I admit I was short. I was never really that tall. Short for the notice. Which meant I didn't think I could catch it now. I jumped up, I probably looked like a defenseless baby kangaroo. I finally snatched it away.  Eh probably didn't think I could do it, I didn't even know I could. I ran the other direction from where they were. It was a photograph. Not just any photograph, my photograph. How did he get this? 
"How did you get this?" I asked him. He looked at me confused.  "This is me. This baby is me. How did you get this?" I asked him again. He looked even more confused. 
"Wh-What are you talking about?" He acted completely innocent on the fact that he had a picture, of me!
'This is me. I know how I look like. I have one like this, myself." I told him fiercely. I was mad. I don't even know why, but he-they had a picture of me, when I was a baby. Is this natural? Or completely creepy? Hmm...How about the second one! 
"We-uh-just found it." Liam stuttered out/ I looked at it more clearly.. It was me, that's what I know for sure. It wasn't the same picture I had, though. It was a different one. One that I haven't seen. Ever. How did they get this? I know they didn't just 'find it'. 
I ran out of there, ran to my room. I knew for sure they were following behind me. 

Once I got to my room, I quickly opened it, not even caring about shutting the door, I rumaged through the stack of books I had on the nightstand. There it was. I had to really know if it was me.
I looked at them both. The picture was me. I didn't even know there was more pictures of me when I was a baby. I assumed my parents had one, if they actually cared enough to keep one for them. I had one, It was one I had asked for back in Florida. It was of me, secured into the arms I assumed was my mother. I clutched both pictures to my chest, letting the tears flow down.


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