Never Loved

Demi Lovato and Niall Horan had a baby, but Demi gave her for adoption without Niall knowing. Its years in the future and the baby is not a baby anymore. She auditions for the X-Factor, and gets in. When Demi turns out to be her mentor, but they don't get along, they hate each other. Will this orphan get her happy family?


12. Chapter 10.

-Katelyn's P.O.V-

"And in 4th place is... Katelyn!" 

Some relief shot over me. Last time I got 6th place. I went up two places. Yeah it is better trying to get in the top three, but 
after last week, it is a lot better. It's not like it's my fault! Demi has been the one who been working me to death.
It really is putting me down. I get that I do need practice, but she doesn't have to keep working me like that.

I sighed in frustration. This was going  to be hard. I want to win! I really do! But, I still can't get my hope up, just to
later be crushed. That doesn't mean I can't try my best, but I am! It's just that Demi, is my only problem. 
And I know what you're thinking..

Oh you're just blaming her for all your problems, but all she is, is helping you.

Eh not entirely true.

I'm not blaming her for all my problems. And if helping you mean break my vocal chords then yeah that's
what she's doing. I guess she maybe wants to help me. In a way...


"Okay so this coming week we have to pick a slow song, for the show." Demi muttered. Don't know 
who to though. Herself or me? She was searching through songs I could possibly sing. I don't know what
she had in mind, but I didn't really care. I already had something in mind. 

"One Direction." I told her. Her head snapped towards me. 


"i want to sing one of their songs. ..One Direction." She looked at me with a 'WTF' look, then turned into
shock, and confusion. 

"No.' she stated simply. Are you serious?  

"I was thinking the song I was singing a while ago. Little Things, I searched them up, they're really good.." I said, 
completely ignoring her last statement. 

"I said no." I ignored that too.

"I'll go tell them the song choice, so they'll get it ready." I stood up and left. I wasn't going to let her choose another song, I
didn't want to do. She's not my mother. As I have said before I do what I want. Simple as that.

"Katelyn! Katelyn! Katelyn get over her!" I heard Demi call after me. I didn't stop I wasn't going
to listen to her. She had stopped shouting after me. She finally gets the message! I looked back. She wasn't 
following either. 

"Hey Robert can you look up the song Little Things by One Direction." I told Rob, he gets all the music, effects,
and stuff like that.  

"One Direction eh?" 

"Yeah. Heard of them?"  

"Yeah. They were on The X-Factor UK. Came in 3rd. But became the best boy band in the world." Wow. I 
didn't know that. 

"That's pretty cool." I told him.. "When did they break up?" I asked. I was really curious. couldn't have been that 
long ago right? 

"Uh, I believe about six years ago." When I was ten. Why didn't I ever hear about them then? Yeah, I was a kid, but
I must have heard something about them. I nodded.  "So I heard Demi calling after you. What'd you do?" 

"Me? Oh nothing." He eyed me. He knows exactly how she and I get along. "She wouldn't let me pick 
the song I wanted."

He sighed. "Did you even hear her opinion?" 

"No. But I always hear her opinions. I always do what she wants. And she never lets me pick the songs I want." 
I explained to him. It was true though. Yeah she let me do songs that were from long ago. But not the songs I want exactly.

"I guess. Okay I found it. It'll be ready for when you start practicing, don't worry." 

"Okay bye!"  Where to go now? I could... No I've never asked her for anything. But it was the only way to go, and not get in 

I decided to go for it. When I got she was talking to Niall. Maybe that's why she didn't go after me. Should I interrupt?
It's rude,but this is urgent. 

"But where could she be then?" she croaked out. She who? her daughter. They were talking about their daughter. I still can't believe
she would do something like that. 

"I don't know Demi. He said she wasn't at  that orphanage in Florida. That maybe they'd put her in a different one. They do that 
sometimes. Or, she might have been adopted already, but we don't know that for sure. He's still investigating there..." He's right,
if she's not there they could have put her in another orphanage that's what they did to me and Liz. But did he say in Florida? 

Where in Florida? I was born in Florida. Maybe I knew her. Demi had tears rolling down her face. She shouldn't be acting like this.
She was the one who put her there int he first place. I didn't want to hear anymore. 

"Hey Demi I we- Oh sorry didn't mean to interrupt anything..." Stay casual Katelyn. 

"It's fine. How are you." Niall asked. He was nice. Unlike Demi who always scolded at me for interrupting anything. 

"Good, thanks. What about you, I've seen you here a lot lately."

"Yeah. I come to talk to Demi here." I nodded. "Are your parents like Irish or something? You look somewhat Irish."
He looked at me with curiosity. I din't really know. 

I shrugged. "I wouldn't know. Never met them before." 

"Oh I'm sorry..." 

"It's fine. Anyway. Demi I came to ask you something..." Her head went to me. She looked very shocked. Why wouldn't she?
I never ask her for anything. I just do things, never really ask permission. "So we're going to be New York, soon for a while."
She nodded. "Well Uh I was wondering if I could maybe go see me friend, and the other children at the home? Maybe stay there while you
don't need me here. Which is most of the time...?" I asked hopefully. 

She smiled. This time it  wasn't fake. "Of coarse. Yeah go see them, we don't have to work that much. I'm sure you'll
do great anyway." I smiled. I can't believe she was actually going to let me. Honestly I thought she'd say no in the blink of a second. 

"Thanks. Well uh bye Niall." I told him. Maybe she was just being nice, because he's here. She always is when he's here.
Maybe he should be here more often. 


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