Never Loved

Demi Lovato and Niall Horan had a baby, but Demi gave her for adoption without Niall knowing. Its years in the future and the baby is not a baby anymore. She auditions for the X-Factor, and gets in. When Demi turns out to be her mentor, but they don't get along, they hate each other. Will this orphan get her happy family?


3. Chapter 1.

~Demi's  P.O.V.~



It can't be the same 'Katelyn' as her. 

But then again, there is so much about her that makes me think she is. 

Shes sixteen years old, same as she would. She has the same resemblance as him.
And I can see she reminds me of myself.

It could just be a coincidence right? I don't know her past. There is people who look like each other. I can't think of this anymore. Its just stupid! Useless! There is no way that could happen. We gave her up years ago. 

I can't imagine what Niall would think if he saw her. He wouldn't give up to find out who she was. He loved her with everything he had. Niall would want her again.


He had to understand I wasn't ready for a child.  I loved him, and after I gave her away he left me. It was her fault I lost the love of my life.


"Niall I'm Pregnant." I told him, emotionless. He looked up at me, his eyes wide.
"Pregnant?" I nodded. I was scared I couldn't take care of a baby now. I have most of my life ahead of me.
"I'm gonna be a dad!" he exclaimed. I looked at him weirdly. He wants this baby? How? This is too weird, he can't want it! I don't even want it.
He had the biggest grin on his face. "Niall. I'm not gonna have this baby." his face dropped.

His eyes full of confusion, anger, disappointed. "Why?'" his voice cracking. 
"I'm too young I can't and I wont have this baby! I'm too young. I thought you would feel the same!" I said sternly. He shook his head, a few tears dropping. "Why would I feel like that? I want this baby. How can you think that way? Its an innocent baby! You have to have it!" he started shouting a bit.

No I couldn't have this baby! I wouldn't. I'm not ready. 
"No! Niall this is my decision. I chose what I do, not you. And I'm not having this baby!" I shouted back. 
I was angry. He can't decide for me. I'm the one who would have to go through the pain, and agony. I'm pretty sure he was angry too. But it was my decision.

"Your decision?" I nodded. "This is my decision too! I'm the father. What are you gonna do abort it!? You can't its an innocent baby. This is not his or her fault. Its ours. I'm the father, and I have a say in this too!" he continued. He shook his head, and grabbed his coat. Before walking out the door he turned to me and said "You wont kill that baby. I'll be back tomorrow and we will continue discussing this. Don't do anything stupid." He said sternly and walked out the door.

Tears fell out of my eyes. I knew I couldn't kill an innocent baby. Hes right, its not the baby's fault its our fro not being careful.

"Don't do anything stupid." his words ringing in my head.

No, I wasn't going to kill it, but I couldn't keep it. 

I ran back to my room, grabbed a suitcase and stuffed my clothes inside. I was in England for a while and I was leaving. Not back to my house, but somewhere no one would know until the baby was born. No one would know I was pregnant. No one would know where I was. He wouldn't know.

~Nine months later~

Niall has tried to contact me, but I don't answer my phone. 
People think I'm missing, but my manager has cleared that up, except no one knows where I am.

I'm in labor and the baby is coming early, I still don't want it but I don't want it to die. I do love this baby, but I'm just not ready. It hurts like a bitch! But  I knew this was coming, I knew these past few months would be hard work. But I managed. 

The baby came out fine, thank god! Its so tiny, and fragile. I knew when she grew up she would be so beautiful. She looks exactly like Niall. This is gonna be hard but I have to do it. 
 I walked up the steps of the place where she would hopefully, be only for a while until a good couple adopted her. I was in the verge of tears. 

"Take good care of her please." I told the woman who greeted me, holding my baby. 
The woman looked up at me and smiled warmly, and nodded. "Whats her name?" she asked.
I thought about that. What would her name be? "Katelyn." I told her. 

"Katelyn, pretty name for a beautiful baby." She said. She was right it was a beautiful baby. I nodded, and gave Katelyn one last kiss on the forehead and left.

Once I got home, I let all the tears fall. I knew it wouldn't be easy, but I didn't think it would be this hard.

~Flashback Over~

A few tears fell, as I remembered all that. 

It was the worst day of my life, that and the day Niall left me. He doesn't know what I did though. No one does. He thinks the baby died while I was giving birth, because it was premature, I wasn't lying entirely.

That baby caused me a lot of pain. 

No. That is just the grief talking. A voice said at the back of my head.

Maybe its right. Maybe I'm trying to blame everyone else, but myself for what happened, because its my fault.

It was all my fault.

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