It Cant Be You

Hi my name is Mikayla read for more this is a 1D fanfiction


4. Unpacking and having a sleepover

So you guys get to live in Doncaster with me yay !!!!

I'm so excited and hey maybe we will meet Louis Tomlinson I mean I met this guy named Niall on the plaine he sat beside me an-  OMG hey what if that was the Niall Horean said Lauren and Hannah!!!!

well if you would let me comtinue I got his number and he said he would show me around the place if I wanted do you guys want me to text him?

YES!!!!!!!!!! Lauren and Hannah said at the same time (btw it sometimes get a little freaky when they talk at the same time) Okay i'll text him now :) "Hurry Hurry" said Lauren Okay Okay gosh calm down I just sent it I asked him if he could take me and you guy's to go around the place and get used to it.  *zzz zzz zzz* Okay he said yeah he would around 2pm so im gonna text him our address Okay.


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Lets get some sleep so we will feel like going out tomorrow.



(Sorry for the sort chapter :(  )

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