It Cant Be You

Hi my name is Mikayla read for more this is a 1D fanfiction


2. The Airport

*2 hours later*

Sweetie wake up we are at the airport.........Well there you are sleepy head I need you to wake up at least till we get on the plain said mom I mean I lived in America before and then I moved to London and now were going to Doncaster but i'm worried i'll get made fun of because of my American accent. Come on sleepy head mom said *Intercom flight 187 to Doncaster boarding now* Okay mom lets go now pshh and you told me not to fall asleep.Okay sweetie now you have a coach seat I dont so if you need me just look through all the seats okay?  Okay mom i'm 19 years old I don't think i'll need you *buzz buzz buzz* huh?????????????? Oh it's my phone :p haha Oh hey mom wait up it's from Lauren and Hannah  *reply to text* Okay well i'm getting on the plain i'll text you when we land. *Intercom last call for flight 187 to Doncaster* okay Mikayla we got to go now....... Okay coming we got on the plain and I got to my seat there was someone sitting in the seat beside me but I couldn't tell what their face looked like because they had on a hoodie and some dark sunglasses but I ignored that and put in my head phones then Live While Were Young started playing I guess my music was really loud because the person that was sitting beside me looked over laughed a little and smiled then looked away.......Hi um i'm Mikayla what's your name? My name is Niall...................Well Niall what brings you to Doncaster? It's my first time coming to Doncaster. Well me and three of my friends are just visting my other friend for a while umm here's my phone number if you ever need help around the place.Um okay but how old are you ? I'm 19 years old you? Same here that's weird but cool I guess *The plain is landing please be seated at this time if you are not* Wow I can't belive the hours went by that fast well I got to go find my mom I am living in my own house now that were in Doncaster well see you around 

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