It Cant Be You

Hi my name is Mikayla read for more this is a 1D fanfiction


1. On The Way To The Airport :'(

Well today was the day. The day I leave to Doncaster. The day I have to say goodbye to my two besties, well more like sisters. I took the last of my boxes downstairs and went back up to my room that was painted hot pink. Letting memories of the past run through my mind. 
"It's time to go Hun!" My mom yelled from dow

n stairs waking me up from my daydream.
“Coming!” I yelled back running down the stairs.

I reached the bottom of the staircase and there was Lauren and Hannah. They had tears in their eyes. We walked out of the empty house.
"Well I'm leaving." I said looking down at my feet trying to hide the tears.
"Oh my gosh! We’re gonna miss you so much Mikayla!" Lauren said with a tear rolling down her face.
"I'm going to miss you girls so much!" I said letting the tears go.
"Don't sweat it! On the bright side you might meet Louis Tomlinson!” Hannah said giggling.
"Oh, stop! I will not meet him!" I yelled feeling myself blush. We stood there for a moment.
"Hun it's time to go say your goodbyes!" My mom yelled from the car. 
"Well, I need to go." I said looking down at my feet once again feeling the tears fill my eyes.
"Bye, we love you sis! Don't ever forget us!" they both said in unison.
"I could never do that!" I said hugging them tightly.
"Bye! You two Skype me every weekend!” I said getting into the car smiling through the tears.
We drove off waving goodbye to Lauren and Hannah. I was really excited to start my new life! Boy free! I couldn't bear getting my heart broken again like with Ryan.... I couldn’t wait to see my new room! I sat in the back seat of our car just letting images run through my head of how my room might look. I started to doze off a bit.
"Mom I'm gonna go to sleep. Wake me when we get to the airport.
"Okay Hun! Love you!"
"Love you too mommy!"
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