It Cant Be You

Hi my name is Mikayla read for more this is a 1D fanfiction


3. On The Way To My New House :)

I was walking all around the airport till I found mom she was at the food court of course I should have went there first!!!Oh and I forgot to tell you something really important about me which a huge Directioner!!! Personally my favorite is Niall Horan but I would like to meet any of them and love to date any of them but that will never happen.Mom come on I wanna get to my new house and get some stuff unpacked!!! Okay i'm coming just let me finish my food....Ugghhhhhh hurry up im gonna text Lauren and Hannah-Hey girls just landed in Doncaster and I met some guy on the plain and his name is Niall well i'm gonna go to my house text you later <3.I'm driving mom I got them to send our cars over here so that we wouldn't have to buy one. I have a suprise for you at your new house mom said I tryed asking her what it was but all the asking just made time fly by and we were already there I ran to the door and it was unlocked so I shot through the and there standing right in front of me was Hannah and Lauren I screamed and jumped on them "How did you guys get here?" We got a flight your mom bought us plain tickets Lauren said  I was getting a little hot and I told mom to go to where she was staying cause Lauren and Hannah were living with me,

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