As Long As You love Me

This Actually won the Justin Bieber competition! cant believe it! Justin isn't famous in the story Based on the music video and song as long as you love me... DUH :P


1. We're Under Pressure

"So you ready to go?" Lucy asked as she approached me while I grabbed a few things from my locker.

"Yeah, sure!" I say and close the small blue door.

"I can't believe we've known each other for ages and today is the first time you've ever come round my house!" she says with a laugh.

"I know! Its mad!" I agree and link arms with her. We walk down the main corridor of my incredibly bleak school. I know everyone hates their school, well pretty much everyone but I literally cant wait to leave! I've only got a few months left but a lot of exams! I'm doing the normal subjects obviously but also art, media studies and History. I go to a secondary school in Bath, England. I love it here. I moved when I was about seven after my mum left... 

We exit the school gates and I see Lucy's mum in her car. I have met her before but never properly, its always daunting meeting friends parents isn't it? You always want to make a good impression. You don't want them to hate you!

Lucy wave and I see her mum smile cheerily back. We get into the car, her mum says hi and everything.

We get to her house and its huge! Its much bigger then mine! Lucy's room is painted purple with white stuff like curtains, bed, desk etc.

"OMG! You need to see my neighbour! He is so cute! like literally... he's perfection!" She holds her hands to her heart "But obviously... he's not 'looking for a girlfriend' typical really!" she stops and i look at her shocked "WHAT?" she shouts with a giggle.

"You asked someone out without telling me!" I shout back.

"NO-NO-NO! I could not do that! I'd be way too shy and awkward! I asked for you..."

"WHAT? Me? Why?" I ask hideously embarrassed, I'm not exactly the most... confident person when it comes to boy kind! I think its because my dad, I don't have a very good relationship with him.

"Thought you might like him! he's so cute! seriously, so cute!" she repeats.

"SO?" i ask sarcastically "How old is this kid anyway? i ask expecting to be like 15.

"18" she says bluntly.

"WHAT? my dad would go mental!" I insist but she doesn't care. With that we hear a car door close and by the look on her face its him.

"C'mon Sophie! it's only two years!" She says and pulls me to the window. I see a boy getting out of a 'sporty' car. He's wearing a purple and grey varsity jacket with a pair of black chinos and purple high tops. his hair is short ish and gelled up a bit. He's gorgeous from what i can see.

"Oh... yeah... he's... um... okay" I say staring at the boy.

"Liar! You like him!" Lucy says and grabs my shoulder.

"I do not!" I say but cant help smile.

"C'mon let me introduce you!" We go down stairs and Lucy tells me to put my jacket and shoes on so we can walk out the front and we wont look like sad stalker girls, we'll just look like we're gong out. Oh no! We might accidentally bump into him! Damn! We walk out the door, the glorious boy looks up and waves. Lucy waves back.

"Hey!" she says with a cheesy smile.

"Hey Lucy, who's your friend?" He asks with an accent, think its canadian.

"This is Sophie" she looks at me. He walks over and shakes my hand in a jokey sort of way.

"Nice to meet you Sophie, i'm Justin, Justin Bieber."

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