A New Life

Piper McLean, the newest actress/singer, is a born-to-be star. But then her drug-addict step father had to ruin everything. What did he do? He murdered her mom. So she ran away. Max, her stepfather, finds her and tries to kill her. But five guys and their body guard save her. She takes a wild journey full of love, sadness, romance, and lots of tears, and ends up....(drum roll)...well, you'll have to read to find out.


21. Chapter 21

We went home after that, and Piper continued to read. We hadn't had breakfast yet, and I was starving. It was about 10:30 so I went and picked up Josh, who had breakfast, and had him play with Ariana. I began to make waffles. Piper came wandering in when they were almost done and said,"Something smells good." 
"It's the waffles I'm making," I said. 
She smiled. "You're the best," she said.
I gave her a cheeky smile and said, "I know."
She rolled her eyes, and I kissed her, a quick little peck.
"So, when are these thingy-mi-bobs going to be ready?"
She rolled her eyes. "Waffles."
"Uh, about 5 minutes."
I heard the front door slam and I assumed she had gone out for a quick walk. But when she didn't come back, I went outside looking for her.
I found her.
I watched her.
And WOW, was she good.
She was riding Honeysuckle, a strong honey-colored mare, around the ring, doing all sorts of tricks. It was really cool. But soon I had to call out, "Waffles are ready!"
She gave me a thumbs-up and nodded and she opened the gate and led Honeysuckle back to the barn.
I walked back to the house and started dishing out pancakes on to different plates. Soon Piper burst through the door, her hair flying, her eyes sparkling, and said, "That…was the best training session I've ever had."
I smiled at her. I loved that girl, she was wild, full of life, beautiful, and just plain, downright tomboyish. 
That's what made her fun. 
That's what made her cool. 
That's what made me love her. 
And that, is the end, to this story.
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