A New Life

Piper McLean, the newest actress/singer, is a born-to-be star. But then her drug-addict step father had to ruin everything. What did he do? He murdered her mom. So she ran away. Max, her stepfather, finds her and tries to kill her. But five guys and their body guard save her. She takes a wild journey full of love, sadness, romance, and lots of tears, and ends up....(drum roll)...well, you'll have to read to find out.


20. Chapter 20

When we got there, people started cheering. 
We sat in the guest seats. 
We waited.
Finally, the reporter finished telling the story about I don't even know what, to occupy people until we came. We just smiled and laughed when everybody else did until she finally got around to us. We had dropped off Josh at Danielle's, and Ariana came with us. We figured people would like it. Right now, she's sitting in my lap.
"So when did it all start?" the reporter asked. 
"Well, I was cooking dinner when the doorbell rang. I opened it to find Max standing there, with a gun. Harry ran down the stairs and started to ask who was there, but he saw him. He stepped between max and I and told me to go upstairs. I did, and I don't entirely know what happened."
"Harry what happened?"
"Well, I asked him what he wanted with Piper, and he said that she ran away and got on his bad side. Apparently when people get on 'My bad side, they disappear.'"
"And what did you do?"
"I said I thought he should leave, and he said, 'I thought this would happen, Plan B.' and pushed me out of the way. He started going into different rooms, trying to find something Piper couldn't live with out. I blocked the door way to the loving room, it was stupid actually, because right away he knew something was in there worth while. He punched me in the stomach-"
I glared at him. Had he forgotten to mention that? Yeah, he did.
"And pushed me out of the way."
"Wait, Piper, why the glare."
"Hmmmmmm. Let me think. Oh yeah. WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME THIS BEFORE?"
"I didn't want you to worry, now, any way," and I gave an even more ferocious glare, "And turned full circle before he saw Ariana. He scooped her up, tied ME up. He let the door slam, and Piper came rushing down. She untied me, and well, saw Ariana's play-pen, and left through the front door. She was pretty upset. And-"
"As you can see in this video!" Officer Widget yelled. Soon on the screen came the video that he had taken of the reunion. I was on the couch, crying my eyes out. Then Jenkins handed Ariana to Harry, who put her on my lap. "Mommy, why you cying?" Ariana asked in the video, which made the real little girl jump.
 "Hey! Dat's me!" she yelled. The audience laughed. 
I stopped, in the video, and looked kind of, bewildered. "Ariana," I cried, hugging the little girl close. I hung on to her and didn't let go, while the officers explained how they found her, then the video switched to me playing with Ariana with the Legos. When it ended, the reporter said, "Well, that's it folks. We had just enough time. Watch tomorrow! Good bye!"
And the interview ended.
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