A New Life

Piper McLean, the newest actress/singer, is a born-to-be star. But then her drug-addict step father had to ruin everything. What did he do? He murdered her mom. So she ran away. Max, her stepfather, finds her and tries to kill her. But five guys and their body guard save her. She takes a wild journey full of love, sadness, romance, and lots of tears, and ends up....(drum roll)...well, you'll have to read to find out.


2. Chapter 2

I'm in a ball on my knees in an alley. Tears stream down my face.  Max points his gun at me. "wh-why?" I stutter.
 "oh I don't know. What about how u might go to the Police?" he says. 
 "I-I won't if u let me g-go, please!" i stammer because im crying so hard.
 "mmmmm. I don't think so." he says. "either come with me or face the consequences."
 I begin to cry harder, if that was possible. I'm crying so hard I don't realize that a car pulls up in the alley.
 "hey!" max says. "I thought u told me this alley was abandoned!" he yells to the driver. The driver leans out the window. "yeah, cuz I'm a body guard and my clients use this as a short cut!"
 Max gulps and starts to run, but he trips over me. He lands flat on his face and then the driver grabs him. Max's tripping over me makes me lose my breath. I start to sit up, still crying. 
 The car door opens and a guy with curly hair jumps out. All I could tell was that he was tall and had curly hair through my tears. Right behind him was a guy with blonde hair, then black hair wearing- was that a leather jacket? Bad boy, I thought. Then some guy wearing strips, and the last was wearing a vest. Wait, a girl's head leaned out the window. Huh. The one with curly hair said, "what happened? Are you ok?"
  I shook my head in answer to his last question. "he-he's my step-stepfather....H-he k-killed my mom. I ran away.... He found me a-and said either come w-with him or f-face the consequences. Th-then u g-guys s-saved me." I start to cry again.
  Bad boy said," what should we do, Paul?" He was obviously taking to the security guard/driver because he turned. " I think it's up to u lads. After all, ur the bosses, Zayn."
"Zayn" or whatever looked thoughtful. "Alrighty. I guess I vote for ...um..."
"P-Piper" I sniffled.
"okay. Piper, to come with us. Lads? Piper coming with us, raise their hand."
Everyone's hand went up.
"ok, guess its settled then," Zayn said.
 I just realized they must be British because they talked with  British accents. 
"Can u walk 2 the car?" curly asked.
"no, Harry, u might have 2 carry her," stripes joked.
The girl tried unsuccessfully to hide a laugh, while, Harry, who had the curly hair, turned around and must have made a face at stripes because he raised his hands in surrender. 
Harry turned back to me and I nodded. 
He helped me up and I got into the back. Harry sat next to me, stripes next to him. Then it went bad boy, girl, and vest guy in the seats in front of us, with the blonde guy in shotgun seat.
I leaned my head against the window and cried softly. No one said anything. I finally drifted off to sleep wondering why they were being so nice.

Ok, I have to admit, piper looked cute even with her eyes a little puffy from crying. Her hair was chocolate brown and really long, and REALLY wavy, like it had been in a braid for a LONG time. But it looked natural. I think she was wearing a gray spaghetti-strap tank-top underneath a blue-green elbow-length shirt. Her blue jeans had some non-pre-made rips in them, then some blue boots. Gosh, when Lou said that I might have to carry her, I glared at him so hard he raised his hands in surrendering. I think he could tell I liked her. I mean, u don't know someone for like, 2 yrs and NOT know when they like someone. Anyway, the car ride.
Piper was crying, but, hey, I'd be pretty upset too if I had lost my mom and had a gun pointed at me. She fell asleep 5 minutes away from the apartment building. Me and my boy band One Direction were touring in the states while Liam's girlfriend, Danielle came with us. We were staying in the pent house in an apartment building in California. When we got there Lou looked at piper next to me and winked getting out of the car, leaving me to get piper. I decided not to wake her up, i mean i know I'D want to sleep. I debated on how 2 carry her. I finally decided on bridal style. Getting out of the car Louis winked at me and Danielle giggled and I told both of them to shut up. Her head leaning against my chest, I took Piper into the elevator. The night clerk stared and I said,"Liam'll stay and fill u in." Liam glared at me cuz fans were starting to gather. But, hey, he looked great in his vest, better than the rest of us, so I figured he'd be fine. Danielle decided to stay with Liam because, well, she was his girlfriend. So it was just me, Louis, Niall, Zayn, Paul, and Piper in the elavator.
When we got to the pent house Paul told me to lay her on the couch. I said,"k, driver" then did what he told me.
Paul glared at me. " just because I had to drive instead of the driver who's sick, does NOT mean u can call me driver, k?"
I nodded then said, "Paul, careful, ur supposed to keep me OUT of trouble, not make trouble FOR me."
Paul punched me lightly on the shoulder and said,"Go to bed, I think u wanna be awake when she-" he jerked his thumb in pipers direction, " wakes up."
I stared at him.
"what?"he asked. "Lou tells me stuff."
I made a mental note to get back at Lou and went to bed.
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