A New Life

Piper McLean, the newest actress/singer, is a born-to-be star. But then her drug-addict step father had to ruin everything. What did he do? He murdered her mom. So she ran away. Max, her stepfather, finds her and tries to kill her. But five guys and their body guard save her. She takes a wild journey full of love, sadness, romance, and lots of tears, and ends up....(drum roll)...well, you'll have to read to find out.


16. Chapter 16

Max Comes:
At around 5:30 I'm cooking dinner. I hear the doorbell ring and I open the door, and I almost jump straight into the air. Because standing there, with another evil grin on his face, is Max Jackson. And, he has a gun.
Harry comes running down the stairs. "Who was at the doo-" he says, but then he sees Max. He steps between Max and I. 
"Who's this?" Max sneers. "Your bodyguard?"
"Actually," Harry says, his voice cold and hard, "I'm her husband."
A look of fright crosses over Max's face, but it quickly disappears. "Whatever. Gimme the girl and no harm will come to you."
"No," Harry says in the same voice, "You will not get Piper, you'll have to go through me first." He turns around and looks at me. "Go upstairs," he mouthes. I just nod. I love Harry, almost more than anything, but he loves me, and he wants me safe. I thought i would break his heart saying "No."
 I crept up the stairs while Harry began talking to Max.

I love Piper and I want her safe, so I told her to go upstairs. Thankfully she obeyed, it would break my heart if she didn't.
"What do you want with Piper?"
"She was supposed to be my little slave after I killed her mom. But she ran away. She's mine and I want her."
"But you're what? Thirty? Forty?"
Max frowned. "Thirty-five."
I had a feeling he was lying, but whatever. "So, um, you want her to be your slave?"
"No! I want to KILL her! She got on my bad side by running away. And when people get on my bad side, they disappear. I had a feeling she was behind that couch, and now I think my suspicions have been confirmed."
I could NOT let him kill Piper. So I calmly said,"I think you'd better leave."
Max rolled his eyes. "I expected this. Plan B."
He pushed his way into the house and started rummaging for anything, I thought, to steal, anything Piper couldn't live with out. Wait……oh no. Ariana was sleeping in her play-pen. Josh was taking a nap upstairs, so Max couldn't see him. But if he got to the living room, no. I ran ahead and blocked the entrance to the living room. Max grinned triumphantly like he had been waiting for a clue. Me standing in the way of the living room of course gave off the hint that something important was in there.
Max punched me hard in the stomach. I tried not to move, but the wind got knocked out of me. He pushed me out of the way and turned a full circle before his eyes rested on Ariana, sleeping. I gulped. This COULD NOT happen. But it did. Max scooped up the sleeping toddler and pushed me hard, as I was still out of breath, and tied my hands behind my back and my ankles together. He stuffed a gag in my mouth and left, letting the door slam with a loud BANG. I started to cry. Ariana, poor, sweet, little Ariana, just beginning to talk and walk, was being kidnapped.
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