A New Life

Piper McLean, the newest actress/singer, is a born-to-be star. But then her drug-addict step father had to ruin everything. What did he do? He murdered her mom. So she ran away. Max, her stepfather, finds her and tries to kill her. But five guys and their body guard save her. She takes a wild journey full of love, sadness, romance, and lots of tears, and ends up....(drum roll)...well, you'll have to read to find out.


13. Chapter 13

Earlier i had winked at Harry, meaning: him and me after the party. 
After the kiss on the terrace, Harry asked me on a date. Since it was only 7:13, we decided to go right then. We only went out for ice cream since we already had dinner. 
"Tell me about yourself," Harry said.
"What do you wanna know?"
"My favorite color is aqua marine. I love horses. I hate meatloaf, and LOVE scalped potatoes. I always get up early, i like to see the sun rise and things waking up, not including people. I would like to live on property complete with a barn, pastures, and horses on the property. My favorite food is waffles. I don't have a favorite movie, but i like Hunger Games and a lot of action. My favorite series of books is Percy Jackson, and any mystery series like Nancy Drew. Anything else?"
"What about what you want to do, college? Or career?" Harry asked.
"I want to go to college with a good writing program. I like school. And the college i would hope has a good singing program. I couldn't NOT take singing or something, i'd die." I finished, or so i thought.
"What do you like in a guy? Well, like what would you appreciate?"
Of course he was asking this.
"Well, i like when he's thoughtful. Most of the guys i've dated didn't even remember my birthday. They never even showed they cared. Then, when they got dumped, they'd say,'I'll change! Don't go, please! I can change.' I was like, 'Yeah, right.' I just like when the guy shows he likes you, he doesn't just date you."
"What kind of people can you just not stand?"
"Well, there was this girl in my class in middle school. In art she bumped into me right as i moved my elbow, and was like, 'Watch where you're goin'!' and i was like,'You bumped into me!'
Then she had the nerve to say,'It's ok, honey accidents happen.' like i was a little kid. And she acted so bad, she had to raise her hand to get up from her seat to use the light board or something. I can't STAND people like that, AT ALL."
Soon we finished our ice cream, and i said, "I know a really good park to take a walk in."
When we got to the park, Harry asked me,"How did you know about this park?"
I got a little teary-eyed. "I slept under that tree right there."
Harry said softly,"Oh."
The tears started to roll down my cheeks as i walked to the tree. I was remembering my mom. I hated that Max, and I hoped I'd never see him again. He had a ten-year sentence, and that gave me plenty of time to find myself, go to college, and maybe even get married. I wished he had a life sentence. But he didn't. Oh well. At least I had Harry. He put a hand on my shoulder. "Are you ok?" he asked worriedly. I nodded. I stood up. Harry put his arms around me, and i hung onto them. They gave me such a good feeling, that i was safe. Safe from Max. I just let the tears come, and I turned around and cried into his shoulder. The tears just came and came. What if he came after me? What if he got to me? I forced myself not to think about it, and the tears gradually stopped. Harry pushed me away from him and forced me to look at him. He said,"You know i'll never ever hurt you? Right?"
I just nodded. He pulled me in for another hug. And honestly, it was the best hug i've ever had.
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