A New Life

Piper McLean, the newest actress/singer, is a born-to-be star. But then her drug-addict step father had to ruin everything. What did he do? He murdered her mom. So she ran away. Max, her stepfather, finds her and tries to kill her. But five guys and their body guard save her. She takes a wild journey full of love, sadness, romance, and lots of tears, and ends up....(drum roll)...well, you'll have to read to find out.


12. Chapter 12

I got into the kitchen alright, but Piper didn't. "Whats going on?" I asked Louis.
"We're planning a surprise party for piper. We need YOU to go shopping for her, the only thing that girl's got are jeans and shirts like what she wore yesterday. You went shopping for her, you know her size." 
So I went and bought the clothes. When I got back I asked Louis what in the world to do with them. He asked if Piper was still watching tv. "Yep. Still there," I said. 
"Good. Sneak up and go put em on the bed with a note
saying 'We went shopping for you!'" he said. 
He gestured towards all of the others. "OUR idea."
So I did what he asked. 
When I got back I asked,"Now what do I do?" 
"Go ask her to get dressed, then Zayn will go and tell her to stay in her room so we can decorate."
I did.
When I came back he said,"Start the invitation list. I saw her talking to a couple people at the party, Taylor, Katy, and Selena."
And we got to it. 
After a while guests started arriving. Louis had gone up and asked who would be on her ideal list for a birthday party because they wanted to plan her party for "later", she had protested, but Louis got it out of her. Soon her best friend showed up and I think she was trying not to scream. Louis turned off the lights and Zayn called up the stairs,"Hey, Piper, Louis said you could come down now!!!"
"Ok!!!" she yelled. "Just a sec!"
Everybody was already hidden, so there was no scrambling. She came down the stairs wearing the blouse and shorts and she looked cute. Then everyone jumped out, "Surprise!!!!!"
Piper jumped and then smiled. Louis turned the lights back on. "No wonder you guys went shopping for me!" she smiled. I smiled at her. She saw me and winked. I wonder what it meant. But there almost wasn't time for wondering. It was her 19th birthday! We had cake, presents,(some people had gone and got a little something), But after a while people started to leave. Piper and I had gone to the terrace and Piper was starting to fall asleep. But after a while, when i thought she was asleep, she looked up at me. I leaned down, and well, i'll say it. It was the best kiss i ever had.
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