the unknown talent

this is a story about a boy who is described as being not capable of doing stuff. He suddenly starts to show his unknown talent.......


1. first day

On the 8th of September 2008, Fred Tyson was walking nervously to his first day at school. He was 5. His school was called  The royik freci school of arts. He shyly walked through the huge iron gates to the reception class. His teacher was called Mrs Guywrird-ertym. She asked everyone to sit down and while she took the register Fred took a look around the colourful classroom.He was astonished at the very intricate paintings on the walls.Mrs Guywrird-ertym called fred's name out in the register.He replied with a murmured "good morning miss".Soon it was time for the start of the first lesson. It was mathematics. Fred soared through the morning and then it was time for playtime. He made a new friend called Didier. They played at break and at lunch. Both the boys had a lot of fun. That evening, when fred's mum asked about his day, he said that it was epic. Just epic.

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