World Of Grey is a novel set in a very different future, one without men.

From the moment they are born, all young girls are taught about the dangers of men, with the heedful tale of Juliets suffering at the hands of men, told and retold to all little girls. And with all the men in the world either killed or imprisioned. The world is now a better, safer place. Right?
But when Anna awakens with her mind wiped and left with nothing but basic memories, she begins to discover things that challenge everything shes ever been taught to beleive.


2. Waking up.

Why is it so dark? That was my first conscious thought. Growing up next to a lighthouse it was only ever dark for a few seconds before a wash of light enveloped everything. "Isn't that annoying?" most people asked me. But for me, it was normal. It was comforting. So right away, before anything went wrong, I felt uncomfortable.
Where am I? I struggled to remember how I'd got here. But nothing came. I tried not to panic as all sort of scenarios ran through my mind. Kidnapped? Was my mother going out of her mind with worry? My mother. I couldn’t picture her. I didn't know what my own mother looked like. Okay, I needed to calm down. Start with the basics. My name. What I looked like. My parents. Friends. Anything. But nothing came. I could remember living by a lighthouse, going to school, the view from my bedroom. But as soon as I tried to remember details like friend's names, faces, places. I got nothing. Blank. What's going on?
Suddenly, everything exploded in light. I slammed my eyes shut against the painful brilliance of the sudden unexpected light. When I finally opened my eyes, I stifled a scream. All around me were countless people. Except they weren't people. They were utterly still, their impassive faces showed no hint of emotion or life. Like a cross between robots and corpses, their faces even had that greyish colouring to them.
I tried to step back, to turn around, to get away, but I found that I couldn't move. I looked down at myself. I was in no way visibly restrained, and yet I could barely even wiggle my toes. I looked up and inspected the thing closest to me. The longer I looked at them, the more sort of... familiar they looked.
Greys. The name came unbidden into my head. Surely that must be what the things around me are called. But how did I know that, when I couldn't even remember my own name? When I looked up the Greys around me had opened their eyes. If you could call them eyes. In the space where each eye should have been, were twelve red lights arranged in a circle. Almost like a clock. As I looked curiously at the twelve lights, trying to work out what they could mean, one light flicked off. On every eye. On every Grey's face. All simultaneously. Then the next light. And the next. Like a countdown. I quickly counted the amount of time between each light going out. Five seconds. Exactly. Only six lights were left. Suddenly those blank faces started to look menacing. Staring. Waiting. What for? What would happen when they'd all gone out? Somehow I knew it wouldn’t be good. Three lights remained. Two. One. It took the last light an eternity to go out. Shaking, I couldn’t bring myself to look away. Waiting, helplessly, for something to happen. Anything.

It blinked.

Then the lights went out...

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