World Of Grey is a novel set in a very different future, one without men.

From the moment they are born, all young girls are taught about the dangers of men, with the heedful tale of Juliets suffering at the hands of men, told and retold to all little girls. And with all the men in the world either killed or imprisioned. The world is now a better, safer place. Right?
But when Anna awakens with her mind wiped and left with nothing but basic memories, she begins to discover things that challenge everything shes ever been taught to beleive.


1. Prologue.

"Men’s hearts are cold. They are indifferent. This we must never forget. They do not love, cherish or care. They crave hatred and control. They repress, constrain and imprison us. They always have and always will, if we allow it. This we will never forget. So we are forever grateful of the Radical Feminists who overthrew our male-orientated, women repressing government and saved us from Mans diabolical rule. The RF destroyed and imprisoned men, as they deserved. We will never again be restrained and constricted in our lives. We are free and we are happy. This we can never forget" --from The History of Our Awful Repression.

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