World Of Grey is a novel set in a very different future, one without men.

From the moment they are born, all young girls are taught about the dangers of men, with the heedful tale of Juliets suffering at the hands of men, told and retold to all little girls. And with all the men in the world either killed or imprisioned. The world is now a better, safer place. Right?
But when Anna awakens with her mind wiped and left with nothing but basic memories, she begins to discover things that challenge everything shes ever been taught to beleive.


3. Instinct.

Plunged into sudden darkness, adrenaline shot through my body. I would not be helpless. I would get out of here.
All of a sudden the invisible restraints holding me up vanished. I dropped to the floor, reflexively catching myself in a well poised crouch. Without my sight, I felt blind and vulnerable. Feelings I loathed. I closed my eyes and strained to hear anything that would give me a suggestion of what was going on around me. Ugh. It was futile. I couldn't see and now I couldn't hear anything either. What was I supposed to do? Sniff my way out? Frustrated, I ran my hand through my hair. Woah. It was long. Really long. Like to my waist. I shook my head and tried to concentrate on the matter at hand.
Wait. What was that? A soft sound echoed around me, like hundreds of people moving silently at once. Crap. The Greys. They were waking up. I need to be able to see!
My hand automatically moved to my eye, like an old habit. I understood these kinds of instincts, they felt natural. And so I probed the corner of my eye, and there! Just under the skin was a raised lump. It was perfectly circular and only a couple of millimetres in diameter. Almost like a miniature button. It felt foreign, like it didn't belong and yet familiar, as if it always had been there; part of me, yet separate.
Gingerly I pressed it in, and almost immediately a tingling sensation spread around my eyes. Within moments the edges of my vision began to take on a greenish hue, which then quickly spread to the rest of my vision. A moment later I grasped what had happened. Night vision!
Abruptly alert, I scanned the slowly awakening Greys. All of them were gradually coming to life around me, as if they'd been in a state of dormancy for a long period of time. I tensed, but none of them seemed to even realize I was there,
Still crouched, I inspected my immediate vicinity, searching desperately for an escape route. I crept towards the nearest Grey, fervently trying to determine if I could get around it without it noticing me. As I got within half a meter of the Grey it opened its eyes and looked straight at me. Instinctively I jumped back. All of the Greys I could see from my crouched position had opened their eyes, emitting a pale grey light. But only the one nearest to me was looking straight at me. Slowly it reached forward and offered me its hand. Its movements were agile and graceful. Cautiously I stretched out my own hand to meet the Greys...


No! my brained screamed at me.
I snatched my hand back. The Grey's eyes flashed with anger, or as close to anger as a corpse-like-robot can get. Something was telling me that accepting the hand of one of these things would not end well.
It took a gracefully silent step toward me and started to offer its hand again, but this time I got the impression that it wasn't going to take no for an answer. Panic gripped me, the Grey's eyes stared into me, reaching down and gripping my heart in an icy hold. I couldn't move. I couldn’t think. Accepting the Grey's hand seemed like the only thing I could do.
No! Instinct took over, obviously not deeming me worthy of being able to make decisions for myself. I straightened up and viciously kicked out at the approaching Grey's hand.
A sound like a whispered snap, resonated as my sharp, powerful kick took the Grey's arm off at the elbow. Their silence was eerie... and annoying. They were so stubbornly quiet, always in control of themselves that they wouldn't even make a sound when they broke. Well, I'd just have to break them some more.
The Grey, who's arm I'd removed with my more than surprising assault, stared at me. Its arm looking irritatingly natural, as though it had always ended at the elbow. Frustration ripped through me. I lunged at the Grey, twisting at the last minute and throwing all my momentum into my elbow which smashed across the side of the Greys head, mostly detaching it from its neck, making it look like one of those creepy headless ghosts. For good measure I jumped back and smashed my foot into its chest, sending it flying backward into the Greys behind it.
By now, the other Greys had stopped solely staring at me and were beginning to move silently and intimidatingly towards me. Out of the corner of my eye one of the greys appeared to clap, although it made no sound. The rooms blinding lights flashed on, but before I could even cringe my night vision shifted into a light filter, like sun-glasses, which faded as my eyes grew accustomed to the light. I quickly reviewed my environment, taking note of where I was, other than just noticing the Greys around me. I was in an immense sized room, with a towering ceiling and grey walls, so pale they appeared almost white. I spotted a door that looked dollhouse tiny in comparison to the height of the walls, but it was probably more than big enough to fit fifty of me through, and more importantly, it was the only visible way out.
The Greys weren't rushing towards me, apparantly assured I wasn't going anywhere. Self-imposed superiority came off them in waves. As they slowly approached, I took a step back and tensed. The Greys nearest to me grasped what I was about to do and lunged for me, just as I pushed off and sprinted forward, leaping over the bodies I knocked over with the first Grey. Once I was past, I sprinted for the door, and thanks to the adrenaline still coursing through me, I covered the hundred metres or so in record time. When I reached the door I couldn't locate the handle.
Hang on. Why was I looking for a handle? No one used handles anymore. Just handprint scanners. And there it was, in the middle of the door. Obviously, it wasn't going to open to my handprint, and there wasn't anyone else here, so it must open to the Greys. Somehow I doubted asking nicely would convince one of them to open it for me.
I turned round and faced the Greys. The nearest one was about one hundred meters away and closing in fast. I stood still and let my body relax. They Grey was only a few seconds from reaching me, running palm out to grab me. Five seconds. Two. One... At the last possible moment I leapt sideways and the Grey hit the door palm first on the handprint scanner, and carried on straight out the door. I quickly followed, spinning round as soon as I was out and slamming the door.
Out of breath, I leaned against the door, half expecting the Greys to start battering the door down. Now what?
The Grey who'd opened the door, was lying in a heap in front of me. His momentum as he barrelled through the door, had smashed him straight into the wall only a metre or so across from the door. He wasn't getting up anytime soon.
I appeared to be in a side alley of some sort. It looked identical left and right except for a bright light shining from round the corner to my left.
That decided it. I jumped up and started to jog right. When I got to the end of the alleyway, I peered around the corner. Another identical alley. It must go all around the building I'd been in. I started cautiously walking down the next alley just as a Grey rounded the corner.
It spotted me and started to run towards me. I quickly ran back to the first alley but another Grey was at the end of that one too. I was trapped.
I looked up at the wall of the alley. I was going to have to go over. Glancing quickly at the fast approaching Greys, I took I deep breath and launched myself at the wall.
I fell just short of the top, my hands scrabbling for a purchase on the crumbling top of the wall. I finally managed to get a secure hand hold, shredding the palms of my hands as I tried to frantically drag myself up and over the wall. I'd succeeded in dragging the top half of my body up onto the top of the wall. I risked a brief glance down, to see the Grey's almost upon me.

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