Some people expect to fall in love by Cupid's arrow. Not me.


2. The Death of Cupid

Did you here the news?

The news that broke today?

The news is that Cupid

Has passed away.

I heard he shot himself

With his own stupid arrow.

I hear they're drawing papers hearts

Somewhere in that sorrow.

It had to happen, I suppose,

So why am I so sick?

Cause Cupid had no aim

And I've never yet been kissed!

He wasn't all that great, you know,

But still it's sad he's dead.

Making people fall in love...

He must have been sick in the head.

He must have had ambitions

That he locked inside a book.

If I could grab that book,

You bet I'd take a look.

It'd say "So and so's with so and so

But no one would have guessed.

I guess it's best."

That little dummy liar,

That little dummy cheat.

Everytime I'd ask for help

He'd never let me speak.

So excuse me if you will

For not joining in your mourning

Because Cupid never came at my side

No day in night or morning.

I can't help it if I hate him.

I can't help it I'm not sad.

It's just that that Cupid

Was just so very stupid.

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