Some people expect to fall in love by Cupid's arrow. Not me.


1. Emo Cupid

They call her emo cupid

Because she wears black wings.

She tangles with the princes, the martyrs,

And even a few kings.

She wakes up with her makeup

Already pasted on,

But that’s because she only sleeps

When it’s after dawn.

She files while she crying

About two lovers never met.

Call them Romeo and Juliet,

And they’re all set.

She got her big promotion

When she learned to play with knives.

She never had no room for love.

No matter how she tries.

She just wants to be accepted--

Not rejected and abused,

But when you're Emo Cupid,

It's just something to get used to.

It's just something to get used to.

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