When Eve makes an enemy of one of the Untouchables, she shrugs it off and forgets about it. But what she doesn't realise it that these girls are much more than just pretty, popular girls. They are much more sinister, much more dangerous and much more deadly. Will she be able to save herself -and her friends and family- before it's too late? or will she become just another victim of the Untouchables and their deadly secret?


2. Dark Beginnings

  I hurried through the corridors squeezing past people and muttering apologies. I glanced at my watch. I was so so late! I looked up. Ahead of me was the door to my English room. I was just about to open the door when a tall girl, with a mass of long black hair rushed through it. We collided with each other and I dropped my folder. I bent to pick it up. I looked up, about to apologize, but my gaze was met with a cool and stony glare.

  ‘What do you think you’re doing?’ the girl cried.

  ‘I was just heading into my classroom...’ I replied, straightening up, wishing she would just move out of my way. ‘So if you could let me through, that’d be great...’

  ‘Excuse me?’ It irritated me, the way she put emphasis on the last syllable. I recognised her, too late as one of the girls that hung around with Caroline. They were the girls that nobody answered back to, the ones nobody annoyed. The impossibly perfect girls, all of them. The Untouchables.

  ‘Excuse me?’ she repeated.  ‘Are you telling me what to do?’

  ‘Erm, I was just asking if-’ I began, but she interrupted me.

  ‘Whatever!’ she began to push past me, but at the last moment she turned. ‘You’ll be sorry you ever crossed Juliette Parsons!’ she exclaimed.

  I bit my lip and tried not to smile. I turned away and entered my classroom.


  I grabbed a tray and slid into the lunch queue. My best friend Elizabeth came in behind me.

  ‘So then she just stormed off?’ Elizabeth giggled. ‘What a drama queen!’ she grinned, but it quickly turned into a grimace as she saw what was on offer for lunch.

  ‘ Ew, it’s all meat again!’ Elizabeth exclaimed. She grabbed a fruit salad and a smoothie and handed over the money to the bored looking woman at the till. We looked around the canteen for a spare table, and luckily the one on the quietest corner, the one we normally sit at, was empty. I carried my tray, holding its load of a chicken baguette and a bottle of orange juice, towards the empty table. As we came up to the centre of the canteen, the loud chatter slowly subsided, until only the centremost table was left talking raucously. I glanced around, confused. Was the headmistress prowling, ready to jump on you for the slightest sliver of nail polish or any sign of laughter or something? My scan of the canteen complete, and with no teachers visible on the horizon, I continued walking. Was it just me, or was everyone looking at me?


  ‘Stop being so paranoid,’ I told myself, ‘of course they’re not staring at you.’  We walked through the now almost silent canteen. I felt unexplainably tense; like something was going to happen. But of course it wasn’t.  We walked past a couple of silent tables, staring, staring. I recognised a few faces; Nancy’s was one of them. Nancy used to be my best friend, but then she got into the popular crowd, and stopped talking to me. It hurt at first, but you kind of got used to it here. It’s what the Untouchables did. Then, we walked past the centre table, the table where it was still loud, where everyone seemed to be having fun. The table where the innermost sanctions of the Untouchables sat. I recognised Juliette from our encounter earlier, and bit my giggles as I remembered her parting words.


Just as I had managed to convince myself that everyone wasn’t staring at me and that I was being paranoid, I suddenly felt cold. Cold seems an almost inadequate way of describing it really; it was more like a shard of ice had ploughed through my body, infecting every nerve, making me feel frozen all over. My breathing sped up, and my legs stopped moving, as if they had a mind of their own.  I tried to follow Elizabeth towards the table in the corner, which was now beginning to look further and further away. My vision was tunnelling, and everything was going black. I’ve fainted many times before, but this felt different. This felt like I was being attacked. It felt evil. By now, I was swaying dangerously on my feet and my tray crashed to the floor as my hands fell to my sides. I tried to throw my hands out to prevent myself from falling, but now, like my legs, I couldn’t move them. I felt myself becoming sleepy, and my heartbeat was slowing. I didn’t feel cold anymore; I felt warm and safe. If I just closed my eyes...


  All of this happened in the space of a few seconds and alerted by the sound of my tray clattering to the ground, Elizabeth spun around.

  ‘Eve!’ she exclaimed, rushing towards me. ‘Are you okay? Did you slip or-’ she stopped talking abruptly as she saw the look on my face. ‘What- what’s wrong? You look...’ she seemed to struggle to find the right word, and reached out to touch my arm. At her touch, I felt my heart speed up again and the warm feeling faded from me, to be replaced by the ice cold that had infected me previously, until that too ebbed away. The safe feeling had disappeared too, and in its place was pure animalistic fear and panic. I needed to get away from here, and now. I didn’t know why, I just knew that there was something here, something evil. Something terrible and evil, something that was not used to being defeated this easily. Something that was, as a result, very angry. And it wanted blood.


‘Come on Elizabeth, let’s go,’ I murmured, turning towards the canteen doors. I stumbled, and had to grab hold of the closest table to steady myself; my legs were like jelly.

  ‘Woah, be careful!’ Elizabeth exclaimed, grabbing my elbow, ‘maybe we should just sit down in the corner?’

  ‘No, we need to get out of here... now.’ I replied in a low voice. Elizabeth tried to jump in and persuade me to stay, but I cut her off. ‘Elizabeth, we need to go, and we need to go now. We have to get out of here!’ I urged, and something, whether it was the desperation in my voice, or the fear in my eyes convinced her to help me to the door.


  The canteen was still silent as we walked across the room, our shoes echoing loudly on the tiled floor. We couldn’t even hear the dinner ladies talking or any sounds from outside, there were no whispered conversations and now even the centre table was silent. Somehow it was even more menacing. Just as we reached the door, I felt the urge to turn. I did, and my eyes were drawn to the centre table and the Untouchables. Juliette was smirking at me, her deep green eyes sparkling with danger. Next to her, someone moved minutely but it was enough to draw my attention to them.  It was Caroline Forbes, the most dangerous of the Untouchables. Her piercing blue eyes burned into mine, holding me to the spot. I felt that feeling coming over me again, the cold ice burning through me, freezing my nerves...

  ‘Eve? Are you coming?’ Elizabeth pulled my arm and the icy feeling melted away faster than it had come, leaving me unsure if I had imagined it or not.

  ‘Yeah, I’m just coming.’ I replied, turning to leave. The last thing I saw was Caroline’s eyes, still burning into mine.

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