Trick or Treat- Swapit Halloween Competition Book

Lacey and Jasmine were dressed up for Halloween and were warned not to go near the old Thomas House. The two ignored the dangers and went. However, what happened? Read and find out...


2. Screams and Sugar

Lacy and Luke stumbled away from the still vibrating door as the 'SLAM!' echoed around them. "Ha ha ha, did you see her face when she touched the goo?" she gasped and bent over, trying to regain her breath from laughing so much. "That's what they get for saying trick" he slyly agreed, smirking. Sneakily, the zombies had prepared a trick for the annoyed residents that were too lazy to make little kids happy. Luke carried two plastic, orange baskets, one for the sweets and another filled with slimy green goo that included fake spiders too!

The wind seemed to pull them back and grabbed at anything it could ~ hair, bags, costumes~ to pull them back, it appeared. Freezing, Lacy and Luke heard a shrill, panicked scream from...

Yep! The Thomas house. Wide-eyed, they turned two each other while internally debating. Luke knew instinctively what Lacey would do: it was a no-brainer for her- help anyone, anywhere. Unfortunately, he was only a second too late as Lacey had already started to sprint up the hill to the door. "No! Lacy wait!" but she didn't listen and already was at the door. He reached her, in shock, at the door.

"Lacy. Please stop, we'll call the police, we don't have to go in there please, let's just turn around and leave. Quickly" Luke begged as he panted, out of breath and from panic. Ignoring him, Lacy stepped over the threshold and into the house. The house where they were told never to go near. That same house that could be home to a monster. The house that creaked and groaned and felt like it was watching their every move. Help!

The scream tore the stagnant air again. Coming from the cellar and Lacey and Luke nervously made their way down, jumping at any noise on the way.

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