Trick or Treat- Swapit Halloween Competition Book

Lacey and Jasmine were dressed up for Halloween and were warned not to go near the old Thomas House. The two ignored the dangers and went. However, what happened? Read and find out...


1. "Don't Go There"

Lacy and Luke were getting ready to go out Trick-or-Treating. Both eerily dressed as life-like zombies, they made sure they had put on lots of hidden layers to stay protected from the blistering English weather!

Luke was dressed as a Walking Dead Doctor, with the universal white lab coat and green top, however, he wore faded denim jeans and also a rusty head mirror. The entire outfit was splattered in red blood-like dye and also a molded decor of intestines on the mint top. He complete the costume using stick-on gory wounds on the exposed skin. He also decorated his face; using Latex and make-up to get the desired rotting flesh effect.

Lacy was dressed as a Zombie Prom Queen, dressed in a black and grey outfit with a full skirt, which included an elaborate tattered detail using two shades of grey and black material, coordinating glovelettes, a sash which said 'Ghoul School Prom Queen' and a tiara. The only makeup she wore was white/grey face cream, grey smokey eye effects with heavy mascara to look like bruises and dark wine lipstick.

Slowly, the pair walked down the stairs up to the waiting parents to face inspection. The four parents both nodded silently, not happy that Luke and Lacey wanted to go trick or treating but allowed with restrictions: one was to be back by 10pm and another was to never, under and circumstances go near The Thomas house. The Thomas house was an old, wooden building that was said to be haunted. Parents never let their children go near it and for good reason - the last time people went near it was a group o 6 and were never seen again but something is said to be living in the shack, alone and cold; just waiting for it's next victim. 

Lacey's mother reminded them "don't go there or anywhere near it. Understand?" she demanded as the pair shivered just thinking about it. "Understood." The two chimed and were out the door. However, the only way to get the the Oldbury district was to go past The Thomas house and if they went the other way, it would be 9 and they would only have half an hour to go round the very prestigious neighbourhood before leaving. Their make-up and prep time would be wasted! So the two had came to a mutual agreement before they got ready: go past it but no where near it and they would be fine. At Least that was the plan; and plans always go as thought out, didn't they?

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