She was only 14.

"She was only 14."
I'm Rachel. My best-friend Lucy killed herself last week. I'm NOT happy. It's kind of OK though; she's with me now.


5. 03.08.2012

I think she might have finally got over it. I'm not too sure. She seems a lot better now, she hardly mentions him, although I do see her stalk him a bit, but I let her get on with it. I think it comforts her to know he's OK and isn't messing with other girls. I'm glad. Glad she's finally accepting it. 

3rd August 2012

He dumped her today. She's heartbroken. She's been crying for around six hours now. She keeps sobbing. She'll try to stop crying, she'll succeed, yet sob, and then two hours later, she cries again. It's not right. What  makes it even worse is the fact that he got a new girlfriend. The same day. Not even the same day, it was around three hours. Word was he dumped Lucy for Amber. 

When Lucy found out they were going out she had had enough. It all got too much. She did what she always does. Out came the blade. 

Cut. Cut. Cut. Cut. Cut.

I hate this so much. 

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